La Tourangelle Artisan Mill

Dec. 15, 2004
Roasted oils boost food products' flavor
Food manufacturers looking for a way to add distinct flavors to their products have a new option available to them: artisan roasted nut and vegetable oils by La Tourangelle. With operations in France and California, La Tourangelle is reviving a centuries-old tradition of handcrafting natural, minimally processed oils bursting with flavor. These oils are available to food manufacturers in bulk from La Tourangelle and are also offered for private labeling.Roasting is what sets La Tourangelle’s oils apart. Their nut oils start with nuts that are hand-roasted in cast-iron kettles, pressed in hydraulic presses and then lightly filtered. The finished product has a warm nutty flavor that adds a unique taste to packaged foods.Salad dressings are an obvious choice for La Tourangelle’s roasted walnut, hazelnut and almond bulk oils. However, as oils are ubiquitous in food products, the possibilities are endless. The range includes everything from pesto to baked goods to frozen dinners. It’s not hard to imagine the taste advantage of banana bread baked with walnut oil or chocolate made with hazelnut oil.The company is also branching out to develop the first roasted vegetable oils, including roasted safflower and canola oils. Given the popularity of these oils in the American diet, the new roasted versions should have wide appeal.La Tourangelle has been producing premium quality, handcrafted nut oils for 150 years. It is one of just a handful of artisan mills today keeping alive a centuries-old tradition. The company operates two artisan mills – the original one, located in France, produces their hazelnut oils; the new mill, located in Woodland, Calif., manufactures their walnut oil and almond oil. The oils are available as finished products for consumers, as one-liter cans for food service, and in bulk for food manufacturing and private labeling.