PepsiCo Sets Goal to Replenish More Water Than it Uses by 2030

Aug. 18, 2021
The company announced its "Net Water Positive" Commitment on August 17, which would aim to replenish more water than the company uses.

The top food company in the U.S. & Canada, PepsiCo, announced on August 17 that it was committing to become 'Net Water Positive.' According to the company, the goal is replenish more water than the company uses by 2030.

To meet the goal, PepsiCo plans to adopt increased water-use-efficiency standards (1.2 liters of water per liter of beverage or 0.4 liters per kilogram of food) for 1,000 company-owned and third-party facilities in high-risk watersheds. The company believes this will contribute to a 50% reduction in the amount of water used at these sites.

The company also hopes its "Net Water Positive" commitment will deliver safe water access to 100 million people by 2030.

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