MRO Q&A: Most Hygienic Method of Applying Conveyor Lubricant

July 8, 2015
A reader wonders which way is more hygienic for applying conveyor lubricant: brush or nozzle?

Q: Which is a more hygienic method of applying conveyor lubricant: by brush or by nozzle?

A. While I am unaware of any specific guidelines from FDA, USDA or the American Meat Institute regarding the application of conveyor lubricants, application via a controlled spray nozzle is much preferable over brush application. A spray nozzle with a properly sized, pre-orifice filter will ensure that only the lubricant will be deposited on the conveyor. Attention should be given to the proper alignment of the nozzle to ensure the spray hits the center on the conveyor and does not over-spray onto the floor, where it can create a safety hazard.

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A brush’s materials of construction are susceptible to picking up, harboring and distributing foreign materials that may have been introduced at some point along the route of the conveyor. Under ideal conditions, either a brush or nozzle would be OK, but the nozzle application eliminates the possibility of introducing foreign objects and contaminants.

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