MRO Q&A: What is Active Food Packaging's role in the Food Processing Industry?

Oct. 12, 2011
MRO Q&A is a Food Processing series addressing maintenance, repair and operational issues in food plants.
Q: What is the impact of active food packaging within the food processing industry?
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A. Moisture and oxygen control via the use of various types of desiccants has been used in the food packaging industry for a very long time. Modified atmosphere or humidity control as well as temperature monitoring also has been in use with dairy and other cold/refrigerated products for some time. In blending the growth of technology with the growing consumer need for convenience and safety, the active food packaging function is taking on a newer role. From providing protection for products consumed on the run to ensuring safety and quality from contamination, active food packaging is changing the image of food items produced and consumed around the world. Advances in antimicrobial systems are continuing to extend the shelf life of old and new products alike without the need of additional additives within the product itself. All these innovations are making the impact of active packing system very significant on the food processing industry.