Equipment Round Up: Pumps and Fluid Handling

Feb. 4, 2010 examines six equipment products available for the food and beverage industry February 2010.
Pump with good hygieneThe 25mm PX2 Hygienic Series stainless steel pump was designed specifically to handle the most demanding sanitary and hygienic applications and has been certified to 3A standard 44-03 and EHEDG doc. 2 and doc. 8. The pump can be configured to be clean in place (CIP) capable and includes 316L stainless steel wetted material as well as a liquid chamber designed for superior delicate product handling, drainability and diaphragm life. ATEX certified models are available, while patented off-set check valve simplifies assembly.Wilden Pump; Grand Terrace, Calif.
Smart dosing The ProCam Smart provides end-users in the food & beverage industry with metering/dosing technology at a low initial investment cost. Designed for a wide range of general purpose metering duties, the positive displacement pump uses standard components throughout. For processing plants where a number of these pumps are in operation, this means potential savings can be made on stockholding and maintenance. Applications where the pump can be used include CIP cleaning involving NaOH and nitric acid; and the addition of colorings, flavors, fragrances, essences and oils in soft drinks and foods.SPX/Bran+Luebbe; Delavan, Wis.
CIP with no disassemblyFKL pumps are close-tolerance pumps that are clean-in-place cleanable without disassembly. One of the pumps, the 205, handles pressures to 500 psi, displaces 0.45 gal/rev, and has 4-in. ports. A large capacity pump, the 580 handles pressures to 300 psi and displaces 1.82 gal/rev through its 6-in. ports. Fristam Pumps; Middleton, Wis.
Dual-range sanitary pumps GSP sanitary pumps, used where clean and slightly charged, polluted abrasive or viscous liquids are to be transferred, are available in 10 casing sizes in two ranges. Featuring all electropolished stainless steel parts, the sanitary pumps have an extremely low micro-roughness, resulting in substantially increased resistance to the adhesion of product. A large seal cavity is designed so there is enough turbulence to clean the inner seal of the pump, while an open seal chamber provides internal self-flushing. Goulds Pumps; Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Boneless marinated pumps MasoSine positive displacement pumps eliminate labor and increases efficiency and production rate in poultry product processing. The pump’s capability of pumping large particulates while providing powerful suction and smooth, consistent flow rates provides a solution for pumping marinated boneless poultry products. Unnecessary labor is eliminated because the pump mechanically spreads the product directly onto the conveyor. Users also can customize the extruded poultry product to their desired thickness, eliminating the excess labor of spreading the product onto the conveyor belt. Because of the mechanical spreading, which takes the place of human labor, there is a shortened conveyor span used, creating a more evenly spread product at a faster rate and using a shorter distance. Watson-Marlow Pumps Group; Wilmington, Mass.
Open-throat, close-coupled A new open-throat, close-coupled sanitary pump was configured as such for maximum efficiency in handling food processing applications. Thanks to its progressing cavity design, the pump can move suspended solids up to 1 in. diameter with minimal product damage. The full-flow, open-throat design can be used with difficult-to-feed materials such as processed meats, fruits, vegetables, fillings and doughs. In addition to efficiency, the pump handles fluid temperatures up to 400 degrees F and has flow rates to 325 gpm and pressures to 225 psi.Moyno Inc; Springfield, Ohio