November 2009 Equipment Round Up - Instrumentation

Oct. 20, 2009
Flow-through UV sensorThe OUSAF44 flow-through sensor measures spectral absorbance of process liquids in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum – applications include chromatography control and phase separation. Its patented EasyCal system option allows quick and simple on-line NIST traceable calibration. The sensor accurately measures UV absorbance up to 50 OD (dependent on sensor optical path length) and can be configured to measure UV absorbance at any one of many discrete wavelengths between 254 nm and 365 nm. FDA and USP acceptable seal materials are available. An ultra-hygienic, CIP- and SIP-resilient flow cell design is available.Endress+Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.
RTDs for temperatureA line of RTD probe assemblies and temperature transmitters are designed for demanding applications in food and pharmaceutical processing, breweries and dairies. The standard assembly includes a proven, thin-film PT100 platinum RTD sensing element, packaged in an all-welded 316L stainless steel probe. An optional programmable transmitter can be built into the probe assembly. Probes are available in .187-in. and .250-in. diameters with lengths ranging up to 12 in.Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.; Rochester, N.Y.
Reading colorsThe stand-alone, handheld CR-400 is a colorimeter that measures samples, compares to targets, displays data, stores up to 1,000 readings and interfaces with a PC or the vendor’s DP-400 processor. It offers pulsed Xenon, d/0Â measurement geometry, plus choice of 8mm or 50mm aperture models. It measures color using up to six user- or industry-specific color indices, and reads color and color difference for 14 standard color scales.Konica Minolta; Ramsey, N.J.
Thermal imagerThe T132 thermal imager is a handheld electronic test and measurement device for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC and more. Its 320x40 sensor provides strikingly crisp detailed images of where hotspots are developing, all for under $9,000. Using the vendor’s IR-Fusion technology, users can marry the thermal image with a visual image in full screen, picture-in-picture or blended view.Fluke Corp.; Everett, Wash.

Analyze this
The Computrac Max 4000 builds on its predecessor, the 2000, by offering a more user friendly interface as well as additional automation-friendly features. The updated analyzer features a full color screen that displays separate graphs for rate of moisture evolution and total moisture evolution and a full 10-digit alpha-numeric keypad for entering sample information. It includes a web server option that allows test results to be downloaded, and test parameters to be uploaded via a local intranet. Using the new USB port, test results can also be captured directly from an instrument using an external flash memory device. The USB port can also interface directly with a barcode reader, a printer, or a nitrogen control module.Arizona Instrument; Chandler, Ariz.
Life-extending operationSimatic PCS 7/Open OS HMI enables process plant managers to extend the life of their current distributed control system while upgrading to the functions of a modern human machine interface. The operating system provides standard PCS 7 runtime strategies for alarm detection, display and response, graphics navigation and data synchronization. As a result, the costs and engineering work needed to implement alarm handling and graphics navigation strategies are eliminated. Siemens Industry, Inc.; Atlanta
Terminal viscosityThe DPV-1000 digital rotational viscometer has been designed to provide a cost-effective automated alternative to traditional labor-intensive and low-precision instruments and methods. Used in concert with non-homogenous materials, the viscometer determines liquid viscosity with an accuracy of 5 percent or better for most materials. For those machine operators who know the density output, the tool also includes an industrial grade digital display with touch panel shows that viscosity in centipoises (cP), or in centistokes (cSt). Cannon Instrument; State College, Pa.
Fully Automatic Surface Detection System Petrotest PNR-12 penetrometer offers a fully automatic surface detection system that improves the accuracy and efficiency of penetration tests. The versatile instrument offers two surface-detection technologies — force measurement and conductivity — that can be used together or independently to precisely position the test probe, depending upon the test. The penetrometer features is an intuitive interface consisting of a jog-wheel, three buttons and a large graphical interface. The jog-wheel drives the graphic menu (turn and push) and provides a precise means for manually positioning a test probe via stepper motor. Audible and visual displays and alarms also provide a clear indication of instrument status and test results. Results can be directly outputted to a printer or stored on a memory stick via a USB port. Petrolab Co.; Albany, N.Y.

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