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May 2009 Equipment Round Up - Conveying

April 29, 2009
May's Equipment Round Up focuses on conveyors.

Fast and versatile
AquaGard is a stainless steel conveyor that offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of products and applications while increasing throughput and reducing product loss. The new platform was rigorously designed to deliver industry-leading speeds, best-in-class transfers and ease of automation to the bakery, snack food and confectionary markets. It’s also suitable for select applications within the fruit, vegetable, non-protein ready-to-eat, pharmaceutical, medical and personal care markets. This conveyor is a pre-engineered, standard product so it eliminates the cost, long lead times and risk associated with custom conveyors.
Dorner Mfg. Corp.; Hartland, Wis.
800-397-8664; www.dorner.com

Precise product delivery
FastBack Revolution distributes proportional quantities of product to multiple locations without cutting off the main product supply. The machine’s gate can adjust to precisely deliver very small or very large quantities of product to weighers, bagmakers and seasoning applicators. Unlike slide gates, the rotating cylindrical gate has no pinch points to break product or cause injuries when the gate closes. It uses no pneumatics and can be easily removed for quick cleaning. The leak-proof construction reduces the risk of cross product contamination.
Heat and Control Inc.; Hayward, Calif.
800-227-5980; www.heatandcontrol.com

Lower the drawbridge
The unique Drawbridge Conveyor enables a conveyor line to cross an automated storage and retrieval system crane aisle. The design allows products to bypass a storage area, even while conveying through it, directly to the shipping dock. Even when lowered, cranes can run in the aisle because sensors on the cranes tell them to avoid the “gray area” the conveyor uses. Plus, it’s fast — it pivots to a nearly vertical position in approximately 30 seconds. It can be used in any area where transportation traffic is crossing the material flow processes.
Westfalia Technologies Inc.; York, Pa.
800-673-2522; www.westfaliausa.com

Use less power
The Tex-Flex Excited Base Vibratory Conveyor utilizes a single, maintenance-free rotary electric vibrator. It is mounted to an isolated conveyor frame to energize the leaf springs supporting the conveyor pan to produce the maximum conveying action with minimal power requirements. For most applications, the power requirement is less than 1 hp. The rotary electric vibrator is inverter-driven, allowing easy adjustment of conveyor speed and has adjustable eccentric weights allowing the force output and resulting conveyor stroke to be easily changed in the field to optimize conveying efficiency. This conveyor is suited for modular packaging distribution.
Triple/S Dynamics; Dallas, Texas
214-828-8604; www.sssdynamics.com

Dust-free delivery
Frequently referred to as a “rope and disk conveyor,” Aero-Mechanical Conveyors are suitable for transporting material from 10 to 85 ft. at rates of up to 120 tons/hour. Benefits include low energy requirements, dust-free transport with minimal product degradation and virtually no separation of mixtures. Besides total batch transport, the conveyors offer contained, dust-free free delivery and operation at any angle, including vertical, at heights up to 85 ft. without any loss in capacity. The system can be set up as a straight-line operation or in variety of around the corner configurations.
Spiroflow Systems; Monroe, N.C.
704-291-9595; www.spiroflowsystems.com

Improve efficiency
Providing a robust, high-performance belt conveyor drive solution, the 8.5-in. diameter heavy duty 220 Series drum motor is designed to manage the most demanding medium and heavy unit load applications. The series features an internal gearing system with 97 percent efficiency. When fully loaded, it uses 32 percent less power than equivalent gear motor drives, drastically reducing energy costs and carbon footprints. A self-contained unit, the motor, gearbox and bearings are enclosed in a steel shell. This makes it suitable for harsh environment applications because the internal gearing system is protected from dust, water, oil, grease and other harmful substances. In addition to reducing maintenance costs, the steel enclosure provides a space-saving design that improves safety and decreases noise levels while operating at full capacity.
Interroll; Wilmington, N.C.
800-830-9680; www.interroll.com

Flexible conveyor
The NB200 Narrow-Belt Driven Roller Conveyor offers maximum system throughput rates by using proven algorithms for release modes and zero-pressure accumulation. It also provides customers with the option of three standard release modes, which can be changed quickly and easily with selectable switch settings. The conveyor includes advanced controls that provide the highest level of flexibility while remaining easy to use. It also operates without the use of a chain, eliminating the need for oil and making it ideal for clean environments such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing facilities.
FKI Logistex; St. Louis
877-935-4564; www.fkilogistex.com

Prevents breakdowns
Unexpected breakdowns are on the rise as food processors are under extreme pressure to increase output with less time, people and financial resources. A solution to prevent spiral conveyor breakdowns, the Tension Gauge records a belt’s tension throughout each tier in a spiral and, by analyzing the results, recommends corrections to unforeseen or potential problems. It can be used on virtually every spiral with tier spacing as low as 2 in. Designed to operate in freezing and ambient conditions, the gauge can take measurements in fully operational freezers and coolers.
Ashworth Bros. Inc.; Winchester, Va.
800-682-4594; www.ashworth.com

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