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Cutting and Size Reduction Equipment Roundup 2009

Feb. 23, 2009
Our March 2009 round up will cut through all of the questions you have about cutting and size reduction equipment.
Increased yieldReduce fruit and vegetable products and effectively increase overall cost-savings with the . Widely used in the soup, nutritional supplement, baby food, beverage and sauce categories, the precision cutting principle of this machine has proven to be a processing breakthrough. By offering a wide variety of interchangeable cutting head styles and impellers, the milling machine produces slices, flakes, shreds, viscous slurries or purees from a myriad of fruit and vegetable products. Latest beverage industry uses include the reduction of mango pulp and fibrous fruits as tropical fruit juices gain popularity.Urschel Laboratories Inc.; Valparaiso, Ind.
Uniform grindingA grinding unit has been specifically designed for producing a highly uniform grind, with unparalleled control, in various dried foods and spice applications such as candy, bread crumbs, nuts and pepper. The DFS (Dried Foods/Spices)  uses a continuous roller-style method that improves yields and reduces waste. Constructed of FDA-approved materials, it provides a long service life with minimal vibration and maintained tolerances under extreme conditions. A narrow particle size distribution is produced during each use, which minimizes waste and the necessity for screening. The product design offers a high-capacity yield with maximum flexibility on final grind targets, thereby diversifying its application usage. Modern Process Equipment Corp.; Chicago
Lump breakerThe new  is designed to provide a simple, more economical method of reducing compacted materials into a smaller, granulated product required for most processing or packaging lines. It de-lumps and improves product flow for a variety of applications, such as sugar, salt, cereal, cookies flour, and pasta. It may also be used to reduce natural agglomeration, which may occur during storage/shipping, or to reduce material deliberately compacted in densification processing.Prater-Sterling; Bolingbrook, Ill.
Screen cutterModel SCC-15  cuts hard, soft and fibrous materials into controlled particle sizes with minimal fines at high rates. It features a patented helical rotor design with dozens of cutter heads attached to a helical array of staggered holders to continuously shear oversize materials against twin, stationary bed knives. Unlike conventional knife cutters that slice materials into strips in scissor-like fashion, the cutter is configured with carbide-tipped cutter heads along the entire shaft, with no frontal gaps between the tips, making total contact with the product. As a result, the material is cut into uniform pieces with minimum fines and imperfections in the granulate, and little to no heat generation.Munson Machinery Co.; Utica, N.Y.

Improve yield and quality
Poultry processors can significantly reduce labor requirements in dark meat deboning and breast trimming operations with the YieldPlus Debone/Trim Management Systems. The systems also achieve measurable improvements in portion control consistency, product yields, throughput and quality. For example, users typically can achieve up to 3 percent or more in improved boneless dark meat yields, giving processors a rapid return on their investment. Meat quality is also improved by eliminating the incidence of bone fragments or cartilage at the system’s built-in quality control stations.
Gainco; Gainesville, Ga.

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