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June 2009 Equipment Round Up - Metal Detection and X-Ray

June 3, 2009
June's Equipment Round Up focuses on Metal Detection and X-Ray Machines

Improves the sensitivity

A significant new enhancement to the PowerPhasePro software platform, plus additional ancillary equipment, take metal detection technology to an even higher level of sophistication and deliver the opportunity for manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve their competitiveness. A combination of multiple and ultra high frequency operation, optimized vector and noise control algorithms and intelligent multi-channel technology deliver levels of detection sensitivity. Improvements of up to 50 percent can be achieved. Even irregularly shaped and difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steel contaminants in wet or conductive products can be readily detected.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline; Tampa, Fla.

Withstands Washdowns

Improve the efficiency of your food safety program with Ishida X-ray inspection systems for sanitary washdown and entry-level applications. Built to IP69K standards for high-pressure washdown applications, the systems feature multiple inspection functions to accurately detect all metals, glass, bone, rock, shell, plastics and missing or defective product. The proprietary image processing technology automatically produces the optimal sensitivity setting without expensive, customized software. These systems are available for a variety of applications. Detection accuracy is unaffected by product temperature, salt and water content. These systems provide accurate, affordable detection of foreign contaminants.
Heat and Control Inc.; Hayward, Calif.

Automated and sensitive

Flakes or slivers from machinery as well as swarf or wire from sieves, cutters or drilling during maintenance work can infiltrate the line at any stage during the production process. Food manufacturers can now have peace of mind because the new Met 30+ 3f/hf can guarantee the highest level of product integrity. A fully automatic triple frequency metal detector, it is capable of highly accurate inspection of food products and also poly-film and metallized packaged products. It also features a built-in automatic frequency selection facility which chooses the optimum frequency whatever the product or packaging. The metal detector’s microprocessors will optimize the settings for any type of product or packaging.
Lock Inspection Systems; Fitchburg, Mass.

Automation saves money
New communications options for the entire family of Apex metal detectors give users in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries access via factory networks to all front-panel functions. This enables seamless integration of metal detectors into a factory and allows users to change programs, monitor alarms and read statistics from a central site or other intelligent device. Companies can save money by dramatically reducing the need for human interaction with the metal detector. Features include new modules and software that are installed inside the metal detector’s control panel. The option is available on new metal detectors and also as a field upgrade for detectors already deployed in a factory.
Thermo Fisher Scientific;Waltham, Mass.

X-ray inspection
The Dyxim series of X-ray inspection systems can accurately detect contaminated products and discharge them safely before they can become a problem in the finished goods. Inspections are carried out automatically and are documented so that data can be provided for the statistical evaluation of the control process. The key advantage of X-ray inspection systems is that a more diverse range of contaminations, such as ceramics and high density plastics, and imperfections in the product can be discovered. In addition, metal contaminants can be detected in metal containers.
Sartorius Mechatronics Corp.; Bohemia, N.Y.

Make bottles safer
The New Glass Inspector is the first machine of its kind with the capability to provide a 360-degree inspection of glass food and beverage containers to detect small foreign objects or glass particles that may be inside a new glass container. The inspector does this at line speeds of up to 1,400 containers per minute With the No Scuff Clear Rolling Rotator Guides, companies are guaranteed pristine bottles that are completely free of scuffing.
Industrial Dynamics; Torrance, Calif.

No more green chips
The high-volume Manta potato chip/crisp sorter features a 2m-wide scan area that dramatically increases throughput within a space-saving footprint. Handling up to 3.5 metric tons (7,700 pounds) of potato chips per hour, it maximizes production capacity while optimizing product quality to help processors match final product specifications With its high intensity discharge illumination system and proprietary color cameras, it recognizes millions of subtle color differences, easily identifying the green, purple and blue defects that are important to potato chip processors. The highest resolution scanning allows this sorter to detect and remove even the smallest defects.
Key Technology Inc.; Walla Walla, Wash.

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