December 2009 Equipment Round Up - Mixing and blending

Nov. 24, 2009
Faster powder feedsA new model in the Fastfeed line doubles its inline powder delivery capabilities, offering controlled feed rates up to 400 lbs. per minute. The Fastfeed Powder Induction & Dispersion System is an inline, skid-mounted dispersion system that feeds powders and disperses them instantly. It delivers consistently even as viscosity and solids levels increase, ensuring that the system will not plug or foul. It also has improved ergonomics, reducing operator injuries.Admix; Manchester, N.H.

Complete hydration
The Breddo Likwifier for 50 years has been reliably dissolving solids or semi-solids where time, temperature and complete hydration are keys. While it was originally designed to dissolve natural gums and synthetic thickeners, the Likwifier has evolved to dissolve and disperse virtually any food product.Breddo Likwifier; Kansas City, Mo.
Pasta dough mixingA new pasta dough mixer features an innovative agitator design that provides shorter mix times, increased production reliability, flexibility and faster dough development while also reducing energy consumption. Designed with smaller batch sizes in mind, this mixer is suitable for specialty pasta manufacturing operations. It blends flour mixtures with liquid to produce either dry or fresh pasta. An internal agitator consisting of 12 paddles results in better dough temperature control.Lowe Industries; Marion, Iowa
Ultra sanitary in-line mixersMeeting advanced clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place requirements, Ultra Sanitary Mixers are designed to comply with FDA, cGMP standards and are 3A (TPV) and EHEDG certified. These sanitary mixers include a self-draining tangential outlet, single-piece inlet plate and stator, and hygienic EHEDG-certified mechanical shaft seals. All wetted parts are in 316L stainless steel with crevice-free construction. Hygienic construction shortens the required CIP/SIP cycle time and minimizes the use of cleaning chemicals. Dismantling for manual cleaning is not required, significantly reducing downtime and operating costs.Silverson Machines; East Longmeadow, Mass.
Portable and fixed-mount designsThe S-Series Portable and Fixed Mount Mixers satisfy a wide range of mixing and mounting requirements utilizing a distinctive modular assembly design. Multiple mounting configurations include clamp style, open tank or sealed designs for maximum flexibility. This mixer can be quickly converted from one mounting arrangement to another in as little as 2 mins.Waukesha Cherry-Burrell/SPX Corp.; Delavan, Wis.
Mini-me mixer The Inline Miniature Rotary Batch Mixer gently blends batches up to 5.0 cu. ft. (142 liters) in parts as small as one per million with complete uniformity in less than 3 mins., evacuates the batch with no residual and can be sanitized rapidly with no tools. The stainless steel sanitary unit features a stationary inlet and outlet for inline operation, and a rotating drum with proprietary mixing flights that tumble, turn and fold material gently. This imparts minimal energy to the batch while rapidly achieving uniformity regardless of disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of batch ingredients. The mixer features internal mixing flights that are spaced for easy access, all-stainless contact surfaces, continuous polished welds having 0.25-in. (6mm) radii, external removable seals and a CIP vessel cleaning nozzle.Munson Machinery Company; Utica, N.Y.
Side entry mixers, easy to maintainThe Sharpe V-Series Side Entry Mixer is part of a broad line of heavy-duty side entry mixers designed with easy access to all bearings and seals. The mixer features steel housings, rigid motor mounts, oversize shafting, premium Dodge type E piloted dual tapered-roller bearings, belt drives with QD style bushings, and HYFLO four-blade impellers to produce maximum fluid flow per unit horsepower. The mixers are available in sizes ranging from 1.5- to 300 hp motors, 1.5-6-in. diameter shafts and 12-48-in. impellers. Sharpe Mixers; Seattle
Stainless steel disperser The Model D-6000 ARDE Dispershear mixing machine is designed to disperse difficult powders that agglomerate and cause sticky lumps in liquids such as water and solvents. The mixer is adept at dispersing thickeners and stabilizers such as xanthan gum, CMC, carbomers, pre-gelatinized starches and alginates. It also uses stainless steel motors and drives throughout for ease of cleaning and the lowest maintenance costs. ARDE Barinco, Inc.; Carlstadt, N.J.
Continuous blenderThe Vibra Blender uses a combination of a rotating paddle and material fluidization to blend dry solids with the ease of liquids. Gentle, controlled vibration of the mixing trough fluidizes ingredients on entry where a cut and fold mixing rotor provides agitation. Materials flow through the blender by gravity making it completely self regulating to changes of infeed rate. The design offers dust-tight operation, easy clean-out and years of maintenance-free operation. Vibra Screw; Totowa, N.J.
A few simple changes The SuperFLX Horizontal Media Mill's patented technology can be transformed to process single-pass, multi-pass, high flow recirculation, low to high viscosity materials, fine to large particles and agglomerates with a few simple changes in a compact design. The unit's stationary screen allows use of ultra-fine grinding media while the cartridge seal provides extended wear life and reduced maintenance.Premier Mill/SPX; Delavan, Wis.

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