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MRO Q&A: What Are The Main Personal Hygiene Steps For A Food Processing Factory?

May 19, 2009
Welcome to MRO Q&A, a Food Processing series addressing maintenance, repair and operational issues in food plants. We’ve assembled a panel of plant operations experts to answer any question you have on plant-floor issues. To pose a question, check out our Plant Maintenance Resoure Center

Good hygienic practices should include maintaining high standards of personal hygiene and outlining the need for wearing appropriate protective clothing -- as well as detailing the process for hand and shoe washing. All personnel should receive appropriate training and be made fully aware of their individual responsibilities. Such training should be repeated and updated as required. The health status of personnel should be monitored regularly and any illness or injuries recorded.

There are several automated hand-washing systems on the market today that can be used to achieve a zero level swab test result. Whichever system is chosen, it should be a basic requirement that the dispenser is located a sufficient distance from processing lines to prevent accidental product contamination. In addition, compounds used should be thoroughly rinsed and leave no odor on the hands.

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