Equipment Round Up: Conveyors

Dec. 3, 2008

Gentle blending conveyor

Mix, convey and reduce breakage and separation of multi-product blends using the FastBack conveyor with built-in Revolution blending drums. The gentle horizontal motion reduces product breakage up to 60 percent compared to vibratory conveyors. By sliding product instead of bouncing it, the conveyor prevents blend components from separating. It also reduces coating loss, buildups in the conveyor pan and unscheduled cleaning downtime. The easy-to-clean, leak proof design reduces product cross-contamination and allergen issues and the drum can be removed by hand for cleaning.Heat and Control Inc.; Hayward, Calif.

A barrier of air

Air Mizer bearing isolators use minimal amounts of air pressure to seal shafts where dry particulates, powders and bulk solids are handled, processed, packaged and stored. This wall of air functions as a barrier for contamination and works to retain product where it should be – in the equipment, not outside of it. Air Mizers can be installed on screw conveyors, mixers, blenders, rotary valves, feeders, fillers and similar dry powder and bulk processing equipment.
Inpro/Seal Co.; Rock Island, Ill.

Up the drawbridge

The Drawbridge Conveyor enables a conveyor line to cross an automated storage and retrieval system crane aisle. It allows products to bypass a storage area, even while conveying through it, directly to the shipping dock.  In an automated storage and retrieval system, the conveyor is used to transfer pallets across the crane aisle. It can be used in any area where transportation traffic is crossing the material flow processes, and is compatible with the company’s 3-Strand Chain and Chain Driven Live Roller conveyors.
Westfalia Technologies; York, Pa.

The book on bearings

A 170-page bearing maintenance manual was written for end-users in several industries, including food, plus original equipment manufacturers and students. The manual covers maintenance procedures for the company’s most common roller bearing designs including tapered, cylindrical, spherical, ball, needle and thrust bearings, including those used in conveyors. Detailed chapters cover general handling and inspection as well as internal clearances for each bearing type. Other topics include the importance of proper lubrication practices, maintenance tools and grease selection.
Timken Co.; Canton, Ohio

Accommodates many setups

Virtually no two conveyor applications are set up alike, so the gearmotor mounting packages for the Qwik conveyors platform accommodate a variety of conveyor setups. Depending on the type of gearmotor mounting package selected, parts include mounting bracket, three-jaw flexible coupling, coupling guard, timing belt, pulleys, instructions and mounting hardware. Gearmotors for the conveyor platform are rated for light, standard and heavy-duty loads up to 1,000 lbs., and can be programmed for both fixed and variable speeds.Dorner Manufacturing; Hartland Wis.

Portable conveyor

The model BA portable conveyor can go where you need it. It is suitable for stacking, loading and unloading products. It comes standard with a reversing drum switch, a 20-foot power cord and a plug. The new conveyor is available in six colors, and it folds onto its own portable base for simple storage. One lever control adjusts angle without effect.
Hytrol Conveyor Co.; Jonesboro Ark.

Reliable positioning

IWIS power and free conveyor chains feature optimized load distribution to convey, accumulate, single out and accelerate pallets, containers, crates, and other materials in continuous transport.  They allow for reliable positioning of goods at any point along the transport path without a need to stop and restart the chain. These chains exhibit excellent wear characteristics and can be specified in a wide range of shapes and configurations with accessories to satisfy particular application needs.  Standard rollers include hardened steel or anti-static plastic versions.SKF USA Inc.; Bethlehem, Pa.
Easy vertical transport

With versions available in aluminum and stainless steel, the wedge conveyor complies with the strict hygiene requirements of the medical, cosmetic and packaging industries. It has a compact footprint and enables users to elevate or lower products quickly and easily with a minimum of construction effort. Flexible cleat chains constructed of special FDA-approved material gently secure the product during vertical transport from one level to the next.
Bosch Rexroth Corp.; Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Reduce noise and component wear

The Taperhex Black shaft design for the 1700 Series conveyor roller features an easy-to-install, double spring-loaded tapered hexagonal shuttle that is pressed into the profile holes of the roller for a secure and safe fit. Constructed of high-quality electrically conductive technopolymer that has been enhanced for superior noise reduction and wear resistance, it is not susceptible to any movement relative to the profile, a problem usually associated with torsional forces induced by start/stop operations. The shaft reduces noise levels, component wear, and maintenance, extending the operational life of the roller.
Interroll Corp.; Wilmington, N.C.

New belt design

The design of DuraLite belts makes them suited for spiral cage applications. One style of belt works for all cage systems. The heavy-duty, wear-resistant stainless steel belt design is 35 percent stronger and 40 percent lighter than conventional belts. The result is greater carrying capacity, smoother and enhanced operating performance, dramatically fewer breaks or mishaps plus longer service life.  The stronger yet lighter-weight construction also saves on energy costs, while exerting less wear on the belt and spiral cage components.Cambridge International; Cambridge Md.

Packaging of trays

Consumers are looking for new and exciting ready-meals every time they go to the supermarket. Hera is an advanced ready-meal conveyor, enabling maximum flexibility in creating an unlimited range of full ready-meals in various tray shapes. It offers quick set-up time between different products and different trays as well as diverse capabilities of filling and packing. It also saves set-up time significantly while switching between products or trays.
Hefestus Ltd.; Israel

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