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Equipment Round Up October 2008: Pumps and Fluid Handling

Oct. 13, 2008
Open impellerThe new G&L Series GSP sanitary pumps are used in the food, beverage, cosmetic, agricultural and fine chemical industries where clean and slightly charged, polluted, abrasive or viscous liquids are to be transferred. They are available in 10 casing sizes in two ranges to provide the best system efficiency and lowest energy use. Featuring all electropolished stainless steel parts, they have an extremely low micro-roughness, resulting in substantially increased resistance to the adhesion of product. The pumps also feature a non-clogging open impeller. Goulds/ITT Corp.;
Seneca Falls, N.Y. 315-568-2811; www.goulds.com
Simple installation The new 76mm (3-in.) center-ported Advanced Series metal pump is designed as a direct drop-in for 76mm Original Series applications. It is suitable when greater product containment and higher flow rates are desired with minimal changes to existing plumbing. For simplicity of installation in current applications, this pump comes with a bolt-down footprint that matches current series metal pumps. The series comes equipped with either a Pro-Flo or Pro-Flo V air distribution system and is available with aluminum wetted materials and a wide variety of elastomer options to meet customers’ material needs. Wilden Pump & Engineering;
Grand Terrace, Calif. 909-512-1204; www.wildenpump.com
Pumps replace conveyorsHigh solids pumps are significant technology advancements for grain processing, biodiesel/ethanol plants, distilleries and feed mills. They dramatically reduce the costs of transferring biomass slurries and DDGS by-products when compared to expensive, maintenance-prone conveyor systems and they easily handle abrasive and corrosive DDGS applications. In addition, the pumps eliminate odors and spillage typically found with open conveyor systems, reduce capital costs with a closed pipe system, reduce maintenance costs with fewer moving parts than a conveyor system and extend service life. Moyno Inc.;
Springfield, Ohio 877-486-6966; www.moyno.com
Liquid dispensingProven in the industrial markets, EZI-action Drum Pumps minimize waste and improve safe handling methods for a wide variety of liquid products. Contents are emptied from 5-gal. to 55-gal. containers with simple one-hand operation. The innovative adaptors ensure simple installation and a secure fitting, container after container. The pumps dispense fluid on both the up and down stroke with only two moving parts. Patented zero-friction design provides effortless flow of viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps. They dispense a wide range of liquids including strong acids, alkalis, mild solvents, lubricants, oils and diesel. Trico Corp.;
Pewaukee, Wis. 800-558-7008; www.tricocorp.com

Durable performance
The LVP Series of stainless steel vane pumps provides up to 14 bar (200 psi) thin liquid capability at capacities up to 36 M³/Hr (160 gpm). Designed for thin, corrosive liquids at higher pressures than other positive displacement pumps, they provide exceptional performance, advanced durability and application flexibility. The series is also maintenance-friendly, allowing complete draining and easy vane or seal replacement without removing the pump from its system. Simple installation and ease of maintenance help realize enhanced productivity and a lower total cost of ownership.
Viking Pump Inc.;
Cedar Falls, Iowa 319-266-1741; www.vikingpump.com

Water isolates bearings
The Water Mizer Shaft Seal is a non-contact shaft seal that uses water to seal. It has all of the features of the Air Mizer shaft seal (which uses air to attain the seal) but its design includes a half-in. waterline connection that attaches to a regulator to control the water pressure. A drain is located on the backside. The shaft “floats” on a water barrier directly on the shaft, which provides unlimited axial movement without placing any stress or strain on the product. Without any moving parts, the seal attains zero contact, zero wear and zero frictional drag.
Inpro/Seal Co.;
Rock Island, Ill. 800-447-0524; www.inpro-seal.com

Johnson pumps added
The Johnson Pump line has been integrated into the SPX portfolio. Johnson’s TopWing, a series of bi-wing rotary lobe pumps, is available in eight sizes. Shaft seal options include single mechanical, quenched, double flushed or O-ring. It has feet for vertical or horizontal mounting. Safety relief valves are available built-on or separately. Pre-heating/cooling devices are in front cover and/or at the seals. Connections are available from 25mm to 100mm. They have superior hygiene, with a self-draining rotorcase and mechanical seal assembled in the liquid, and are easy to clean – CIP, SIP or by hand, with a minimum of entrapped liquid.
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell/SPX;
Delavan, Wis. 800-252-5200;

Careful handling
Handling dairy, bakery, cereal, beverage and confectionary products with care and ease, 800 Series pumps are now available for hygienic, high-performance applications in the food industry. To maintain the purity of the pumping product, the pumphead has no valves, is self-priming and can run dry without incurring damage. The low-shear action ensures consistent product quality with no siphoning or slip, providing accuracy of up to + 0.5 percent when handling flavorings, colorings and additives. It is the most hygienic pump available and complies with all USDA food handling and FDA, USP and NSF Class VI standards.
Watson-Marlow Bredel Inc.;
Wilmington, Mass. 800-928-7786;

Emerson Evolves DeltaV Control System
Food and beverage manufacturers who already employ or are ready for a sophisticated level of process control may be interested in the newest version of the Delta V control system. DeltaV version 10.3 contains many new features and advances over previous versions. It’s designed to take advantage of both WindowsXP SP3 (just released) and Windows Vista SP1. Configuration tools have been simplified. DeltaV Plant Explorer is redesigned with a new user interface and increased speed. DeltaV Control Studio, Recipe Studio, Expression Editor and Graphics Studio also have been redesigned with the same kind of “ribbon toolbar” made popular by Microsoft Office 2007. Diagnostics provide new automated processes for Foundation fieldbus device commissioning and replacement. Cyber security and safety instrumented systems have been integrated into this version. DeltaV since version 8.0 has had a robust batch executive, and version 10 introduces a single environment for batch operations. New features include a bigger, faster MX batch controller, with 2.5 to 3 times the performance and twice the memory. There’s a new historian. Batch campaign management and recipe exchange are enabled, as well as support for OPC XML-DA. DeltaV Compliance Suite “closes the loop in batch manufacturing.” Compliance Suite is an SOA- and .NET-compliant application that is designed to work in ISA95 levels 1, 2 and 3. Finally, the new system includes native support for WirelessHART instrumentation and gateways.
Emerson Process Management;
Austin, Texas 800-833-8314; www.easydeltav.com

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