How Do We Develop a Waste Reduction Program?

Sept. 30, 2008
We’ve assembled a panel of plant operations experts to answer any question you have on plant-floor issues.

As a small regional food manufacturer, we are trying to develop a waste reduction program. What advice would you provide on how to get started?

One of the best places to start is focusing on in-plant reduction programs. Focusing on where you are creating waste is probably the best way to demonstrate to your employees your commitment to this program while developing the educational programs that can improve your overall operation. In-plant reduction programs concentrate on how waste is generated. Studies have shown that the two main improvement areas involve more frequent preventive maintenance and improving employee work methods related to how they recover from line stops. With improved uptime and a stronger level of employee awareness of how they impact the creation of waste, you will have the foundation to work as a team to develop a source reduction program. This level of activity will focus on improving your raw, pack and finished goods material delivery and processing methods to further reduce your waste creation.