2008 Top 100: Profiles 77-100

Sept. 18, 2008
The 2008 top 100 food and beverage processing companies in the U.S. and Canada are profiled in this annual feature. Find company contact information, major brands, key executives and main product areas.

77. (tie)
Riceland Foods Inc.
2120 S. Park Ave., Stuttgart, AR 72160
Phone: 870-673-5500; Fax: 870-673-3366; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: Thomas C. Hoskyn; Pres/CEO: K. Daniel Kennedy; CFO: Harry Loftis

Brands: Chefway, Riceland, Rice 'N Easy

Major Product Areas: Grain mill products, rice, oils

77. (tie)
TreeHouse Foods Inc.
2 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 1070, Westchester, IL 60154
Phone: 708-483-1300; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn/CEO: Sam Reed; Pres/COO: David F. Vermylen; SVP and CFO: Dennis Riordan; General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer and SVP: Thomas E. O’Neill; SVP of Operations: Harry S. Walsh

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Bay Valley Foods (spun off from Dean Foods)

Brands: Mocha Mix, Rod’s, Second Nature; Nature’s Goodness, Bennett’s, Hoffman House, Roddenberry, mostly private label

Major Product Areas: Pickles, creamers, cheese sauces, soups, baby food

79. Sunkist Growers Inc.
14130 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-2392
(Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7888, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7888)
Phone: 818-986-4800; Fax: 818-379-7405; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: Nicholas L. Bozick; Vice Chrmn: Craig Armstrong; Vice Chrmn: Mark G. Gillette; Vice Chrmn: John M. Grether; Pres/CEO: Timothy J. Lindgren; SVP-Sales and Marketing: Russell L. Hanlin; SVP-Corporate Relations and Administration: Michael J. Wootton; VP &, CFO: Richard G. French; VP-Citrus Juice and Oil Business: Ted R. Leaman III; VP-Fresh Fruit Sales: John B. McGuigan; VP-Law and General Counsel: Thomas M. Moore; VP-Global Marketing & Licensing: Robert J. Verloop

Subsidiaries, Divisions: SunMac Hawaii Ltd., Hawaii; Sunkist Global, LLC, Sherman Oaks, California; Sunkist Pacific Ltd., Japan; Sunkist (Far East) Promotion Ltd., Hong Kong; Sunkist Taylor LLC, Sherman Oaks, California

Brands: Sunkist

Major Product Areas: Citrus, fresh-cut fruit

80. Imperial Sugar Co.
One Imperial Square, 8016 Highway 90-A, P.O. Box 9, Sugar Land, TX 77487-0009
Phone: 281-491-9181; Fax: 281-490-9879; Web site:

Executives: Vice Chairman: Robert A. Peiser; Pres/CEO: John C. Sheptor; SVP & CFO: H.P. Mechler; SVP-Human Resources:  T. Kay Hastings; SVP-Commodities: Patrick D. Henneberry; SVP, General Counsel: William F. Schwer; VP & CIO: George Muller; VP-Industrial Sales: Jack E. Walker; VP-Consumer Sales & Marketing: Greig P. DeBow, Jr.; VP & Treasurer: J. Eric Story; VP-Operations: Graham H. Graham; VP-Technology: Brian T. Harrison

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Diamond Crystal Brands, Savannah, Ga.; Savannah Foods & Industries Inc., Savannah, Ga.; Michigan Sugar Co., Saginaw, Mich.

Brands: Dixie Crystals, Imperial, Holly, Savannah Gold

Major Product Areas: Sugar/confectionery

81. Birds Eye Foods Inc.
90 Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY 14625
Phone: 585-383-1850; Fax: 585-383-1281; Web site:

Executives: Pres. & CEO: Dennis M. Mullen; EVP-Ops: Carl W. Caughran; EVP-Mktg. & Bus. Devel.: David E. Hogberg; CFO: Earl L. Powers; SVP-Retail Sales: Robert Montgomery  Subsidiaries/Divisions: California & Washington Co., Kennedy Endeavors Inc., Linden Oaks Corp., Pro-Fac, GLK Holdings, BEMSA Holdings, Tim's Cascade Chips

Brands: Bird’s Eye, Freshlike , Brooks, Comstock, McKenzie’s, McKenzie’s Gold King, Southern Farms, Southland, Nalley, Pixie, Snyder of Berlin, Thunder Crunch, Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips, Husman, La Restaurante, Erin’s Naturally Good, Flavor Destinations, Riviera, Mariner’s Cove, Bernstein’s, Bird's Eye Viola!, California & Washington, Birds Eye Fresh, Tropic Isle, Naturally Good, Thank You, California & Washington Organic.

Major Product Areas: Meat and poultry products, canned, frozen and preserved foods, snack foods, miscellaneous

82. The Hain Celestial Group Inc.
58 S. Service Rd., Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 631-730-2200; Fax: 631-730-2550; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn, Pres/CEO: Irwin D. Simon; EVP & CFO: Ira J. Lamel; EVP: John Carroll; EVP: Francis W. Daily; EVP: Steven List

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Celestial Seasonings, Hain Celestial Canada ULC, Hain Celestial Europe BVBA

Brands: Celestial Seasonings, Terra Chips, Garden of Eatin', Health Valley, WestSoy, Earth's Best, Arrowhead Mills, DeBoles, FreeBird, Hain Pure Foods, Hollywood, Spectrum Naturals, Spectrum Essentials, Walnut Acres Organic, Imagine Food, Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Rosetto, Ethnic Gourmet, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Lima, Biomarche, Grains Noirs, Natumi, Casbah, Nile Spice, Mountain Sun, WestSoy, Boston’s, Harry’s, Bearitos, Little Bear, Freebird, Alba, Estee, Haldane Foods

Major Product Areas: Natural food, beverages, snacks

83. Hilmar Cheese
9001 N. Lander Ave. Hilmar, CA 95324
Phone: 209-667-6076; Web site:

Executives: Chairman: Richard Clauss; Pres./CEO: John Jeter

Major Product Areas: Cheese and whey protein concentrate

84. Gilster-Mary Lee Corp.
1037 State St., Chester, IL 62233
Phone: 618-826-2973; Web site:

Executives: Pres/CEO: Donald Welge; CFO: Michael Welge; VP-Technical Sales: Tom Welge

Brands: Hospitality (mostly private label)

Major Product Areas: Bakery & drink mixes, cereal, soups & sauces, popcorn, rice & pasta

85. Lance Inc.
8600 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone: 704-554-1421; Fax: 704-554-5562; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: Wilbur J. Prezzano; Pres., CEO & Dir.: David V. Singer; EVP, CFO Treasurer & Sec.: Richard D. Puckett; VP & Pres.-Vista Bakery: H. Dean Fields; VP-IS: L. Rudy Gragnani; VP-HR: Earl D. Leake ; VP-Sales: Frank I. Lewis; VP-Supply Chain: Blake W. Thompson;

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Vista Bakery

Brands: Lance, Cape Cod, Tom's, Don Pablo’s, Brent & Sam’s

Major Product Areas: Snack foods

86. Goya Foods, Inc.
100 Seaview Dr., Secaucus, NJ 07094  
Phone: 201-348-4900; Fax: 201-348-6609; Web site:

Executives: Pres: Robert I. Unanue; EVP: Peter Unanue; SVP: Joseph Perez; VP-Sales & Marketing: Conrad O. Colon; VP-MIS: David Kinkela

Brands: Goya, Canilla, Golden Canilla, Adobo, Sazon, Cafe Goya

Major Product Areas: Beverages, frozen & canned foods, edible oils, spices

87. Lancaster Colony Corp.
37 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-224-7141; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn, Pres/CEO: John Gerlach Jr.; VP, Treas. & CFO: John Boylan; VP-Development: Bruce L. Rosa

Subsidiaries, Divisions: T. Marzetti Co, New York Frozen Foods Inc., Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls Inc., Quality Baking Co.

Brands: Amish Kitchen, Aunt Vi’s, Cardini’s, Chatham Village, Girard’s, Inn Maid, Mamma Bella, Marshall’s, Mary B’s, Marzetti, New York BRAND, Reames, Romanoff, Sister Schubert’s, T. Marzetti, Pfeiffer, Teresa’s Select

Major Product Areas: Dressings, dip, sauces, frozen bakery

88. Sargento Foods Inc.
One Persnickety Place, Plymouth, WI 53073
Phone: 920-893-8484; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn/CEO: Louis P. Gentine; Pres. & Chief Customer Officer: Bob Clouston; EVP & CFO: George Hoff; Dir. of Procurement: Louis P. Gentine II; EVP & COO: Mark Rhyan

Brands: Sargento

Major Product Areas: Shredded and sliced cheese

89. Lactalis Industrie USA
2376 S. Park Ave., Buffalo, NY 14220
Phone: 716-823-6262; Web site:

Executives: Pres./CEO: Frederick Bouisset

Brands: BBA, Precious, President, Scerma, Societe, Sorrento

Major Product Areas: Cheese

90. National Grape Cooperative Association Inc.
2 S. Portage St., Westfield, NY 14787
Phone: 716-326-5200; Fax: 716-336-5494; Web sites:
www.nationalgrape.com, www.welchs.com

Executives: Pres.: Randolph H. Graham; GM & COO: Brent J. Roggie; First VP: Joseph C. Falcone; Chief Legal Officer: Vivian S.Y. Tseng; Second VP: Harold H. Smith; Third VP: James A. Shafer; Sec. & Asst. Treasurer: Timothy A. Buss; Fin. & Acctg. Officer: Albert B. Wright III; Pres. & CEO-Welch Foods: Daniel P. Dillon; SVP-Sales & Mktg, Welch Foods: David J. Lukiewski; SVP-Supply Chain & Technology, Welch Foods: Peter F. Martin

Brands: Bama, Welch's

Major Product Areas: Canned, frozen and preserved foods, beverages, miscellaneous

91. Pierre Foods Inc.
9990 Princeton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: 800-969-2747; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn, Pres/CEO: Norbert E. Woodhams; SVP-Sales and Marketing: Robert C. Naylor; VP/CFO: Cynthia S. Hughes; VP-Finance: Joseph W. Meyers; SVP-Sales: Anthony J. Schroder

Brands: Pierre, Zartic, Z-Bird, Circle Z, Jim’s Country Mill Sausage, Clovervale Farms, Chef’s Pantry, Fast Choice, Rib-B-Q, Blue Stone Grill, Hot ‘n’ Ready, Big AZ, Chicken FryZ, Smokie Grill, and Chop House

Major Product Areas: Beef, pork, poultry, sandwiches and bakery products

92. (tie)
Coleman Natural Foods LLC
1767 Denver West Marriott Blvd., Suite 200, Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-468-2500; Fax: 303-277-9263; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: Mel Coleman Jr.; CEO: Daniel O’Neill; COO: Mark McKay; CFO: Carroll Wallac; CMO: John Bogert; Chief Admin. Officer: Dan Keefe

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Red Meat Div., Prepared Foods Div., Poultry Div.

Brands: Coleman Natural, Coleman Organic, Coleman All Natural Deli, Rocky the Range Chicken, Rocky Jr., Rosie the Organic Chicken, Hans’ All Natural, Hans’ Organic, Kings Delight, Clux Delux, Lake Lanier Farms, Anchor Bar, Executive Chef, Snowball

Major Product Areas: Fresh and frozen beef, poultry, pork, lamb and bison; cooked and prepared meat products

92. (tie)
Reser’s Fine Foods
15570 SW Jenkins Road, Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone: 503-643-6431; Fax: 503-646-9233; Web site:

Executives: Pres.: Al Reser; COO: Mark Reser; CFO & Treas.: Paul Leavy

Brands: Reser's, Baja Café, Main St. Bistro, Potato Express, Sidari's, Stonemill Kitchens

Major Product Areas: Side dishes, deli salads, tortillas, Mexican prepared foods

94. Gorton’s Inc.
128 Rogers St., Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-283-3000; Fax: 978-281-8295; Web site:

Executives: Pres/CEO: Steve Warhover

Brands: Gorton’s

Major Product Areas: Seafood

95. John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.
1703 North Randall Road, Elgin, IL 60123
Phone: 847-593-2300; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn: Jasper Sanfilippo; CEO: Jeffrey Sanfilippo; CFO & Group Pres.: Michael Valentine; COO/Pres.: Jasper B. Sanfilippo Jr.; CIO: James Valentine; VP-Risk Management, Investor Relations: William Pokrajac; SVP-Indurstrial Sales: Walter Tankersley Jr.; SVP-Pecan Operations and Procurement: Everardo Soria; Director-Financial Reporting and Taxation: Herbert Marros; SVP-Manufacturing: Charles Nicketta; SVP-Corporate Operations: Michael Cannon; Controller: Frank Pellegrino

Brands: Fisher, Evon’s, Flavor Tree, Sunshine Country, Texas Pride, Tom Scott

Major Product Areas: Raw and processed nuts, peanut butter

96. (tie)
ASG Consolidated LLC (dba American Seafoods Group)
2025 1st Ave., Ste 900, Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206-374-1515; Fax: 206-374-1516; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn & CEO: Bernt O. Bodal; CFO: Brad D. Bodenman; VP-Fin. & Corp. Dev.: Amy Humphreys; Gen. Counsel: Matthew D. Latimer; Pres, Am. Seafoods Co.: Inge Andreassen; Pres., Am.Seafoods Intl: John Cummings

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Southern Pride Catfish LLC, American Seafoods International LLC, American Seafoods Company LLC

Brands: American Pride, Frionor, Southern Pride

Major Product Areas: Frozen and processed seafood

96. (tie)
J&J Snack Foods Corp.
6000 Central Highway, Pennsauken, NJ 08109
Phone: 856-665-9533; Fax: 856-665-6718; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn, Pres/CEO: Gerald B. Shreiber; SVP, CFO, Secretary, Treasurer: Dennis G. Moore; Icee Pres: Daniel Fachner; COO & SVP-Sales: Robert M. Radano; EVP, CMO: Vincent A. Melchiorre; SVP-Marketing: Michael Karaban

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Mia Products, the Icee Co., Icee de Mexico S.A. de C.V., Pretzels Inc., Country Home Bakers Inc.

Brands: Superpretzel, Pretzel Fillers, Pretzelfils, Gourmet Twists, Mr. Twister, Soft Pretzel Bites, Softstix, Soft Pretzel Buns, Hot Knots, Dutch Twist, Texas Twist, Sandwich Twist, Cinnapretzel, Seriously Twisted!, Barq's, Icee, Luigi's, Arctic Blast, Minute Maid Juice Bars and soft frozen lemonade, Shape Ups, Chill, Mama Tish's, Tio Pepe's, Mrs. Goodcookie, Baker’s Best, Camden Creek Bakery, Readi-bake, Country Home, Pretzel Cookie; Icee Peak, Slush Puppy, Java Freeze, California Natural, Funnel Cake Factory, Airpopt

Major Product Areas: Soft pretzels, frozen juice bars and frozen beverages, bakery

98. Golden State Foods
18301 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 1100, Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 949-252-2000; Fax: 949-252-2080; Web site:

Executives: Chmn., Pres. & CEO: Mark Wetterau; Vice Chairman of the Board: Mike Waitukaitis; Corporate SVP & Pres.-Distribution Group: Bob Jorge; VP-Human Resources: Rich Moretti

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Liquid products, Meat products, Produce, Bakery

Major Product Areas: Foodservice supplier (esp. McDonald’s)

99. B&G Foods Inc.
4 Gatehall Dr., Ste. 110, Parsippany, NJ 07054   
Phone: 973-401-6500; Fax: 973-364-1037; Web site:

Executives: Pres/CEO: David L. Wenner; EVP-Fin & CFO: Robert C. Cantwell; EVP-Mktg & Strategic Planning: Albert J. Soricelli Jr.

Brands: B&G, Trappey, Ac’cent, Emeril’s, Underwood, Ortega, Polaner, Grandma’s, Brer Rabbit, Joan of Arc, Vermont Maid, Maple Grove Farms, Wright’s, Sa’son, Las Palmas, Ortega, Regina, B&M, Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice

Major Product Areas: Shelf-stable Mexican foods, toppings, condiments, flavor enhancers, baked beans, meat spreads

100. Ruiz Foods Inc.
501 S. Alta, Dinuba, CA 93618
Phone: 559-591-5510; Web site:

Executives: Chrmn/CEO: Fred Ruiz; Vice Chrmn: Kim Ruiz Beck; Pres/COO: Bryce Ruiz; SVP-Sales: Mark Hannay

Brands: El Monterrey

Major Product Areas: Mexican foods

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