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Equipment Round-Up: June 2008 - Metal Detection and Inspection

June 2, 2008
June's Equipment Round Up brings metal detection and x-ray machines from manufacturers such as Anritsu Industrial Solutions, Cognex Corp, InspX LLC, S+S Inspection Inc. and Loma Systems

In the pipeline
HDS (stands for heavy-duty sausage) Pipeline metal detector is sensitive to all metal types for the sausage industry. It’s designed for full integration with leading vacuum filler machines and other process equipment. A single vertical gas strut makes the height of the detector head easy to adjust and large castors provide maximum mobility. The vendor’s patented ICF (Internal Cancellation Field) technology allows for a shorter throughput pipe, which reduces product creaming and also results in a compact system that easily fits in restricted spaces. It has a color touchscreen interface, Ethernet connectivity, stainless steel finish and is sealed to IP69K standards.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline; Tampa, Fla.

Recommended for use on multi-product lines or for products having different conductivity characteristics, CEIA THS/3F metal detectors quickly detect and remove all metal contaminants without slowing product flow or wasting excess product. They use three frequencies to automatically select the optimal detection frequency based on product characteristics. Fully HACCP compliant and easy to clean and inspect, models are available for standard washdown or with an IP69K rating for high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns. Ethernet capability is available for centralized data acquisition and control.Heat and Control Inc.; Hayward, Calif.
www.heatandcontrol.comHigh performance sorter
Designed for exceptional versatility and superior sanitation, Manta is an innovative new sorter that increases production capacity while maximizing product quality and food safety. This state-of-the-art, high-volume, high-performance sorter features a 2m-wide scan area that dramatically increases throughput within a space-saving footprint. Handling up to 27 metric tons (60,000 lbs.) of processed vegetables or fruit per hour, it offers high resolution scanning to detect and remove the smallest defects and foreign material. In addition to processed vegetables and fruit, it is being developed for other food industry applications.Key Technology Inc.; Walla Walla,Wash.
www.key.netHigh performance systems
The PowerX line of high-performance X-ray systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries consists of 16 industry-leading models, which collectively are capable of inspecting products ranging from small pharmaceutical glass vials to large, multi-package cases. These systems use high-resolution detectors and sophisticated image analysis software to achieve the highest sensitivity and lowest false reject rates possible. Unique Virtual Contaminant Testing software is available to simulate various types, sizes and positions of contaminants to quickly determine how to achieve the best performance in each application.Thermo-Fisher Scientific Inc.; Waltham, Mass.
www.thermo.comFast, rugged detectors
The Phantom line of metal detector systems with powerful digital signal processing provides faster, more accurate detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel, in food processing and packaging operations. The user-friendly metal detectors are exceptionally rugged and available in a range of unique models and configurations for a variety of applications. The option of data logging software with wireless connectivity enables communication with a PC to make your metal detector a critical control point in HACCP programs.Fortress Technology Inc.; Toronto

Dual beam inspection
A patent-pending X-ray system uses two X-ray beams to achieve dual detection for maximum inspection accuracy and superior product quality. The ScanTrac Duo ensures inspection coverage on the bottom of glass bottles and jars that might be partially obscured from a single beam inspection. It provides real-time, non-contact inspection, detecting and automatically rejecting out-of-tolerance products from the production line. With high sensitivity and an industry-leading false reject rate of less than 1:10,000, this product offers superior performance capabilities.
InspX LLC; Fremont, Calif.

Final inspection
The second-generation Raycon range of X-ray product inspection systems uses a lower power X-ray source but provides enhanced image processing at higher throughput speeds than the previous line. The new systems detect both metallic and non-metallic product contamination and identify missing, broken or under weight product with a weighing accuracy of ±1 percent. They are designed specifically for final inspection of packaged products including aluminum coated or metallized film packaging. Simultaneous inspection of diverse products and packages does not require resetting the system -- a once-only “image learn” of the products is all that is needed. S+S Inspection Inc.; Tucker, Ga.
www.sesotec.comHigh IQ
The IQ3 is a new generation, variable frequency metal detector that offers users both state-of-the art sensitivity and stability. Packagers with multi-product requirements will have a higher degree of metal detecting accuracy and flexibility than previously possible. The machine analyzes “product effect” (temperature, moisture, salt content, speed, packaging material, etc.), reviews a broad band of frequencies and offers the right one for the specific application within seconds. Frequency selection also removes operator error from the equation and allows a broad variety of products to be run through the same unit.Loma Systems; Carol Stream, Ill.

New inspection viewer
SensorView 350 is a compact, industrial, panel-mount display for the Checker 200 Series of inspection sensors that allows operators to view production images of the parts being inspected without a PC. The viewer features a simple interface for displaying images of passed or failed parts – or packages — along with status indicators and results statistics to monitor the production process. Checker inspection sensors make it easy for manufacturers to increase quality and productivity through inspection by addressing applications that are too challenging for traditional photoelectric sensors.
Cognex Corp.; Natick, Mass.

Two-frequency technology
DuW Series metal detectors provide enhanced food,pharmaceutical and cosmetic inspection accuracy. The simultaneous two-frequency magnetic field-detecting technology increases overall detection of metal contaminants with a significant improvement in stainless detection in most applications versus traditional single wave inspection technology. Other advanced features of the series include an automatic set-up wizard for easy and accurate product set-up with minimal training, 30-second/no tool conveyor disassembly for easy cleaning and a simple design that results in easy maintenance.
Anritsu Industrial Solutions; Buffalo Grove, Ill.

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