Why is it so hard to execute our Operational/Maintenance Strategy when all the components seem to be right on target?

April 17, 2008

The question speaks to the problem. Strategic plans are created to blend the current business environment with the mission and vision of the organization. This blending allows the company to refocus the organization on current issues that impact the achievement of its goals.

After evaluating the information, getting these top-line components right is the easy part of the cycle. Execution of a plan requires aligning the plant operating systems to the business environment. This implies that we will do some things differently. Identifying the activities we are not going to do is just as important as introducing the new activities we must do.

An organization must have the self-discipline to free up resources. Rebalancing work loads is the key to communicating that the new goals are important to everyone. What are the current environment, challenges and opportunities facing aseptic processing of food products? Over the past five decades, aseptic processing has made its mark on the food processing industry, proving that it can be a unique provider of a wide variety of high-quality food products.

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