Equipment Roundup: January 2008 - Mixing & Blending

Jan. 21, 2008
January's equipment round-up features a sanitary in-line mixer and a portable heavy-duty mixer stand.

Sanitary and European certified

New Ultra Sanitary In-Line mixers perform the widest range of applications – mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving – with efficiency, flexibility and sanitary construction. Designed to comply with FDA, 3A and GMP standards, these machines now carry the new EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) certification, a European stamp of approval. The design offers further versatility with multistage rotor/stator configurations as standard options, resulting in substantially faster mixing times by reducing the number of recirculation passes required, and offering greater particle size reduction.

Silverson Machines; East Longmeadow, Mass.

Portable and submersible

The PSDM-55 Submersible Drum Mill is an economical, free-standing, stand-mounted, basket-type mill that has an independently powered milling shaft/basket assembly and separate single-mixing shaft. It is capable of processing milling batches 20-55 gal. in a single drum. Useful for low viscosity batches up to 20,000 cps, it has no floor anchors and is movable with a forklift or pallet jack.

Premier Mill/SPX Corp.; Reading, Pa.

Mixing, cooking and pumping

The steam-driven PDX sonic processing system can mix, pump, heat, cook and homogenize simultaneously, providing up to 50 percent energy improvement and low maintenance. This novel technology enables processing that is up to 15 times faster, burn-on is eliminated, clean-up is up to 80 percent quicker and payback can come within 12 months.

Pursuit Dynamics; Darien, Conn.

Under a micron

The Boston Shearmill provides high shear rates and tip speeds for maximum droplet and particle size reduction. If the process requires milling of soft particles to under 1 micron or hard particles down to 1-2 microns, the unit meets this criteria, often with a single pass.  Shearmill models are available from 15-125 hp, providing throughput from 5-250 gals. depending upon feed rate and viscosity. All models feature a single mechanical quench seal, rated for 700 psi, and they comply with 3-A standards.

Admix Inc.; Manchester, N.H.

Rugged, long life

QED Plus mixers can handle blending, solids suspension and high viscosity applications. They include an exclusive leak-proof drywell design and a minimum 30,000-hour L10 bearing life for cost-effective service even under demanding conditions. A tapered shaft engagement system ensures easy disassembly, yet provides a secure, true-running connection between the shaft and drive. Designed for agitator service, the gear drive is supplied with a high quality, synthetic oil for optimum operating efficiency.

Chemineer Inc.; Dayton, Ohio

Unloads, blends and conveys

Stationary and portable CB Series Blender conveyors combine bulk carrier unloading, transfer and blending capabilities in one vacuum-pressure unit. They are sized for 5-20-plus TPH and can handle powdered, granular or pelletized abrasive materials that are fryable. Equipped with automated controls and load cells, these machines blend products from multiple sources and convey them to one or more destinations using a single 15-psig positive-displacement blower. Proprietary semi-dense design results in low line velocities and high material-to-air ratios that reduce wear and product degradation.

Cyclonaire Corp.; York, Neb.

Replaces multiple mixers

Capable of emulsification, dispersion and particle size reduction down to 1 micron in one pass, the Z-Series In-Line Mixer provides total product development flexibility. This mixer features a mixing head consisting of stators and high-speed rotors that can be arranged in any combination to create from one to 12 shear action zones. With product passage through each shear action zone capable of achieving mixing results equal to one pass through an entire conventional mixer, this multi-shear mixing head can eliminate the need for recirculation and multiple mixers.

Bematek Systems; Salem, Mass.

Portable mixer stand

The heavy-duty ALS-Series Air-Lift Mixer Stands eliminate the need for several portable mixers in applications where the number of tanks being mixed varies. They can be equipped with a variety of options to meet customer requirements. Compact and stable, they feature an air-operated hand pump for raising and lowering a mixer’s shaft into a tank. They are offered in three stroke sizes: 36, 48 and 60 in. Several options are available including a fully adjustable tank positioning arm, chrome plating, locking casters, counterweights and a height-lock positioning collar.

Sharpe Mixers; Seattle

Cascading mixing action

A new Model 16-4SS Sanitary Rotary Continuous Mixer blends ingredients in ratios as extreme as one part per million with 100 percent uniformity regardless of disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of ingredients, which may include liquid additions. The cylinder imparts a forward- and reverse-pitch mixing action that distributes bulk ingredients thoroughly and gently in short residence times, while eliminating internal restrictions where material could plug or accumulate. Material contact surfaces are of 316 stainless steel finished to sanitary standards.

Munson Machinery; Utica, N.Y.

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