January 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Pumps and Valves

Jan. 14, 2005
Pumps handle some of the toughest jobs in a processing plant, yet are expected to perform with endurance, reliability and flexibility. Here we give them their due.

When space is tight

New is a close-coupled version of the company’s popular model 3196 process pump. It’s designed for applications for space is limited and the cost associated with a frame-mounted pump is not suitable. The unit is lightweight and requires no alignment. It meets many ANSI requirements.

ITT/Goulds Pumps; Seneca Falls, N.Y.
315-568-1234; www.gouldspumps.com

Pumping peanut butter

A series of sanitary pumps are suitable for food, dairy and other applications where bacteria and contamination must be avoided and frequent clean-up is required. Features include standard mechanical seals, quick disassembly design for easy cleaning, no valves to clog or vapor lock, ability to handle thick liquids (like soups and juices) to viscous slurries (like peanut butter and jams) and ability to handle fluid temperatures to 400°F. All pumps meet 3A sanitary standards.

Moyno Inc.; Springfield, Ohio
877-486-6966; www.moyno.com

Smaller footprint

The Tru-Fit positive displacement pump with its close-coupled pump drive is designed to free up critical plant space, resolve alignment issues and increase process productivity. With an average of 20-25 percent reduction in overall pump length, the unit has a smaller footprint than traditional coupled pumps and is available with a right-angle gear reducer to conserve even more space. The maintenance-friendly adapter and compact open base design allow for easy cleaning.

SPX Process Equipment; Delavan, Wis.
262-728-1900; www.spxprocessequipment.com

Sinusoidal rotor technology

The Sine Pump MR series of sanitary positive displacement pumps incorporate the latest developments in sinusoidal rotor technology. Key features include low shear, powerful motors, less pulsation, high viscosity capability and extended service life. They are USDA- and 3-A certified for food applications and are especially adept at transferring delicate ingredients, such as cheese curd.

Sundyne Corp.; Arvada, Colo.
303-425-0800; www.sundyne.com

Free program calculates energy savings

A free computer program calculates the savings realized when users switch from an air-operated double diaphragm pump to an electrically operated progressive cavity (PC) pump. The program is available in Visual Basic for personal computers running Microsoft Windows 98 or higher, or for PDAs that run Palm OS 3.1 or higher. The program uses actual manufacturer’s performance data and generally accepted formulas. To obtain a free copy, specify Windows or Palm OS.

Seepex Inc.; Enon, Ohio
800-695-3659; www.seepex.net

Front pull-out seal

The FPR centrifugal pump line was designed to save processors time and money through easy maintenance and reduced inventory. The front pull-out seal makes FPR pumps quickly serviced, as they do not need to be pulled out of line for seal changes, and no special tools are required. The line also can reduce inventory because the pumps have fewer parts and two seal sizes fit the entire line. The unit is made of stainless steel, is CIP-cleanable and meets sanitary standards.

Fristam Pumps; Middleton, Wis.
608-831-5001; www.fristam.com

Valve disassembles easily

Roto-Clean sanitary valve is available in 2- and 2.5-in port sizes. The 2-in. unit can be quickly disassembled without tools for cleaning and sanitizing. When fully disassembled, no two parts are still connected. Clearances are undisturbed during disassembly and need not be adjusted upon reassembly. It’s made from FDA compliant materials and virtually eliminates product hang-up points inside the valve.

Roto-Disc; Cincinnati
513-871-2600; www.rotodisc.com

Polished for sanitary

The Ytron jet mixer is now available in an all-stainless steel design, including motor and bearing housing. All contact parts are mechanically polished to specification and electropolished when required. The sanitary (CIP)-designed mixers have no bushings, bearings or seals that come in contact with the product, making it suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Quadro Inc.; Milburn, N.J.
973-376-1266; www.quadro.com

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