Nevastane Production Facility Receives ISO 21469 Certification

March 18, 2009

Total Lubricants USA, Inc. has obtained ISO 21469 certification for its Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants production facility in Linden, N.J.

Total Lubricants is a manufacturer of high-quality, food-grade lubricants under the brand name Nevastane, which is NSF H1 registered. The ISO 21469 certification gives customers additional proof that Total Lubricants is applying the highest hygiene standards to produce Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants.

To achieve this certification, Total Lubricants has chosen NSF, a well-known, independent  organization in the field of food-grade lubricants, which already provides H1 product registration.

Compared to the H1 registration program, the new ISO 21469 certification brings additional proof of safety. On top of formulation and label review, which is required to register a product as H1, ISO 21469 certification requires the following:

  • Risk assessment, which ensures that the manufacturer has identified and evaluated the relevant hazards associated with the manufacture and use of food-grade lubricants
  • Production facility audit by a third party to confirm that certification requirements are met and procedures are followed
  • Annual sampling and testing to verify that the product composition complies with FDA approved ingredients

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