Key Technology Introduces a New Online Training Program

Dec. 17, 2008

Key Technology has launches its new Online Training Program, an interactive multimedia curriculum covering Key’s optical inspection systems and vibratory conveyors. The flexible, web-based program offers a variety of self-paced training modules designed for operators, maintenance personnel, sanitation crews, supervisors and others working with Key’s sorters and shakers. By providing effective and consistent training, the Online Training Program improves operating efficiencies while reducing training costs.

Online Training Program modules are available immediately in English covering the many software-related G6 user interface topics that are common to all current Key sorters including Optyx, Tegra, Manta and ADR systems, and G6-upgraded legacy sorters, as well as the many hardware-related topics specific to Optyx. Within the coming months, training modules will be added, covering hardware topics specific to all other current Key and Symetix sorters as well as Iso-Flo vibratory shakers. These training modules will be available in Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Chinese later in 2009.

With as many as 50 training modules covering the various topics related to each sorter, customers can pick and choose the most suitable combination for each job position, tailoring the training program to focus only on the subjects of interest to those in that position. Each self-paced module is designed to take less than 20 minutes to complete and is followed by a test to verify the material is understood. To facilitate record keeping and proof of compliance with industry regulations and company policies, full reporting, via the Learning Management System (LMS), is delivered.

Compared to traditional in-person, on-site training, Key’s Online Training Program is affordable, self-paced and available anytime, on-demand. This new program enables companies to easily train personnel as needed, just in time — before equipment is installed or when certification or re-certification is essential. Consistency is improved because all employees across the company, regardless of plant location, receive the same training. Training time is reduced and retention is enhanced since the program can be tailored to focus only on the topics suitable for each position.

By expanding the knowledgeability of employees to better operate, maintain and clean sorting equipment and vibratory shakers, processors are better able to optimize product quality and improve operating efficiencies.

In addition to training modules covering Key’s sorters and vibratory conveyors, training modules are available on a variety of industry compliance topics including occupational safety and health, HACCP, human resources compliance, DOT HAZMAT and environmental management.

In addition to the new Online Training Program, Key offers training via instructor-led web conferencing and in-person, on-site, as needed.

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