Faegre & Benson Launches Food, Agriculture and Biofuels Group

Aug. 18, 2008
The company has launched an industry-focused, cross-practice group to enhance its support of clients in the food, agriculture and biofuels industries.

Faegre & Benson LLP has launched an industry-focused, cross-practice group to enhance its support of clients in the food, agriculture and biofuels industries. Composed of more than 100 lawyers, Faegre & Benson serves the full range of national and worldwide legal needs for companies in these industries. 

To ensure clients draw maximum benefit from the firm’s depth of experience, Faegre & Benson has created industry segment teams with leaders responsible for monitoring key legal and business developments that impact companies operating in those areas. The segments include:

  • Crop Protection Products
  • Agricultural Retail & Distribution
  • Seed Products
  • Grain Products
  • Protein Production & Processing  (Pork, Dairy, Cattle, and Poultry)
  • Animal Health Products
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Food Processing & Technologies
  • Beverage Products
  • Restaurants
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Biofuels

“This business model leverages our longtime commitment to and representation of food, agriculture and biofuels companies,” says group leader Kim Walker. “We are ideally positioned to respond to these clients’ evolving business and legal needs and to provide the most cost-effective and time-sensitive support,” says Walker. 
The firm has also formed legal service teams in core practice areas to assure clients the firms understands the business context of their needs, says Walker. These service areas include litigation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, immigration, intellectual property, and environmental. 
“We are proud to work with companies in the food, agriculture and biofuels industries,” says Tom Morgan, chairman of the firm. “Organizing and focusing resources in this way reinforces our firm-wide commitment to collaborate with current and future industry leaders,” says Morgan.
The firm’s clients in these industries include Cargill, DuPont, Pioneer, Hormel, Land O’Lakes, General Mills, ADM, Syngenta Seeds and Syngenta Crop Protection, VeraSun Energy, Advanced BioEnergy and Agrium.
In addition to Kim Walker and Jacob Bylund in the Des Moines office, this industry focus is coordinated by John Mandler and Andy Ritten of the Minneapolis office, and Gretchen Miller Busch of the Denver office. The firm has over 525 lawyers in its offices in Minneapolis, Denver, Boulder, Des Moines, and international locations in London, Shanghai, and Frankfurt.

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