Multi-Input Portable Thermometer, Data Logger Useable as Mobile Measuring Device

Aug. 23, 2010
The Omega RDXL8 can perform integrated recording, profiling and archiving functions.
Omega Engineering's new line of thermometer/data loggers can be used for remote logging and for use as a mobile measuring device for the industrial environment. With its high resolution and fast analog to digital converter, the RDXL8 will meet the data logging requirements in most industrial applications. The thermometer features a 5.7-inch display TFT LCD or monochrome 5-inch display, eight configurable isolated inputs for thermocouples and DC millivolts, graphic display of each input, programmable hi or lo alarm for 8 inputs, built-in calendar clock, digital and analog (bargraph) data display USB communication with PC for downloading data, and software is included.