Tamper Proof Torque Mark Products Include Five Colors

May 3, 2010
Five New Colors Of Dykem Cross Check Provide Positive Visual Indication Of Tampering And Vibratory Loosening

ITWDymon has expanded its Dykem Cross Check Tamper Proof Torque Mark products to include five brilliant colors: Dark Pink/Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange. The colors are highly visible under ambient conditions and strongly fluoresce under black light for rapid detection.

Dykem Cross Check is easily applied by squeezing the one-ounce tube. It creates a bead of color that seals nuts, bolts, fasteners, assemblies and controls. It adheres well to most surfaces, including moist or oily substrates and quickly becomes brittle. Changes in torque or operating settings caused by vibratory loosening or tampering can be quickly determined by checking the brightly colored marks for cracks, breaks and misalignment.

Applications for Dykem Cross Check range from safeguarding settings on production equipment, material handling systems and test and measurement devices to ensuring that factory settings of finished products are maintained during transport, delivery and warranty period.