New Tube Welding Power Supply Offers Weld Schedule Development Among Other Features

May 12, 2009

Arc Machines is launching the new Model 205 Orbital (GTAW) Power Supply. 

The Model 205 can be used for many applications including: joining ¼” stainless steel tube for a semiconductor plant, ¾” Titanium aircraft fuel lines, 1-1/2” electro-polished tube for a bio-pharm application, a 2” schedule 40 carbon steel pipe steam line, or you just want to tack-weld two components together.

Key Features Include:

  • A full size color touch screen
  • Multi-use USB port
  • Automatic weld schedule development
  • Programming by time or degrees
  • Multiple-language capability
  • Light-weight (50 lbs.)
  • Compatible with all AMI fusion weld heads