Connector Improves Safety, Sanitation and Saves Time

April 15, 2009

BFM fittings are sanitary, dust-tight and explosion-resistant connectors for conveying, processing and packaging equipment. They’re designed for use with vibrating and oscillating equipment since the flexible sleeve doesn’t have any pinch points. This reduces the risk of premature sleeve wear, material being trapped, bacteria growth and cross contamination.

BFM fittings consist of a flexible sleeve, complete with integral snap bands on each end, and two metal spigots. After welding the spigots to your piping, the snap-in sleeve can be removed or replaced in about one minute without tools. There are no hose clamps to seize, slip off or burst from internal pressure.

Sleeves can be fabricated from clear polyurethane, polyester, vinyl, Kevlar and other materials. Diameters and lengths from four inches through 48 inches are available.