Automated Wash System Is Designed for Fresh-cut Produce

April 15, 2009

Key Technology has introduced the redesigned Flume Wash for fresh-cut produce. Designed for small to medium-large processors looking for an automated wash system, the Flume Wash gently removes heavy debris, silt, grubs and floating contaminates. Featuring a self-cleaning parabolic filter, pump motor, Iso-Flo dewatering shaker and Allen-Bradley controls, Key’s Flume Wash enhances performance, eases sanitation and minimizes maintenance.

Integrating one, two or three flumes, depending on the needs of the processor, along with optional overhead spray bars on the dewatering shakers after each flume to rinse while dewatering, the Flume Wash can achieve a single, double or triple wash. The Flume Wash is suitable for a variety of fresh-cut produce, including shredded, chopped and whole leaf lettuce, cabbage, baby spinach and spring mix, as well as whole, sliced and diced vegetables and fruits. It handles up to 3000 kg (6600 lb) of leafy product or 7000 kg (15,400 lb) of fruits or vegetables per hour.

Processors can cut directly over the flume entry area or feed the wash system manually, from a belt or from a shaker. The initial laminar flow provides a gentle product entry, while adjustable water nozzles create a full immersion section in each flume for thorough washing and product mixing. The open flume provides dosification access for sanitation agents. An Iso-Flo vibratory dewatering shaker and parabolic screen that actively micro-filters to 254 microns after each flume insure maximum reuse of clean wash water via the closed-loop water recirculation system.

To effectively wash product and ease sanitation, the stainless steel Flume Wash features an easily accessible settling sump that allows rocks and heavy silt to separate from product. A water unloading valve in the “deep zone” flushes sediments and bugs. During the sanitation shift, the Flume Wash can be cleaned via high-pressure washdown. Using an Iso-Flo vibratory shaker rather than a traditional belt conveyor at the dewatering stage improves sanitation and reduces maintenance while more effectively removing surface moisture so less water enters the drying process.

The compact Flume Wash produces water flow rates from 1000 to 1325 liters (275 to 350 gallons) per minute, which can be adjusted at the control panel. Make-up water requirements are approximately 3.8 liters (1 gallon) per minute. A level sensor automatically controls the tank water level. Key’s CE-marked and UL-certified Flume Wash is backed by a one year limited warranty.