Automated Cleaning System Keeps Material Washing Systems Flowing

March 18, 2009
Process shower systems used for cleaning vegetables, fruits, meats, sugar and other ingredients become ineffective when contaminated water or dissolved minerals clog the spray nozzles. To resolve the problem, operators have to clean the piping and nozzles. If the shower bar has an internal cleaning brush, operators have to periodically turn the brush to keep nozzles flowing freely. The AutoRotator from Appleton Manufacturing solves this problem by automatically cleaning the shower pipe and nozzles without operator intervention. The shower pipe and nozzles are scrubbed clean after each valve opening. Cleaning intervals can also be preset or adjusted as needed by the operator. A single button on the AutoRotator activates a “manual” cleaning cycle. The AutoRotator can be retrofitted onto existing Appleton Manufacturing shower systems. All Appleton shower systems are custom designed to ensure proper spray pattern and coverage.