Redesigned Basket Wash for Fresh-Cut Produce Improves Operating Efficiencies, Cuts Costs

March 10, 2009

Key Technology introduces the redesigned Basket Wash for fresh-cut produce.  Featuring a new sanitary tank that holds 550 liters (145 gallons) of water, Key’s Basket Wash is one of the smallest semi-automatic fresh-cut produce washers on the market, making it ideal for small to medium-large processors handling up to 1500 kg (3300 lb) per hour. 

To maximize sanitation and minimize processor’s capital costs, Key redesigned the stainless steel tank with smooth, sloped sides that effortlessly collect sediment and allow for easy cleaning.  Processors can pump chilled water to the washer or use ambient-temperature water to wash.

The new Basket Wash allows loading and unloading from either end to optimize line flow and labor utilization.  If needed, a processor can use the Basket Wash to transition product from the low-care
side of the plant to the high-care side.  Operators can wash one or two baskets and drain one or two baskets at time.  During the wash cycle, product is submersed in water and simultaneously showered with low-pressure, high-volume water to remove debris and reduce bacteria content.

Designed to minimize floor space, the dual-basket wash is only 1861 mm (73 inches) long and 2022 mm (80 inches) wide.  It is designed to encourage correct loading and unloading with height-adjustable supports and anergonomic basket lift height and reach.  The basket is sized for safe
lifting weights of no more than 13.6 kg (30 lbs).

Featuring a closed loop water system that recycles and filters water, the Basket Wash flushes baskets of produce with up to 664 liters (175 gallons) of water per minute.  The water pressure can be easily adjusted via a butterfly valve to reduce pressure for delicate products or increase pressure for dirty products.  The wash cycle time can be quickly adjusted via the Allen-Bradley controller.  Product changeovers that require a change in water pressure and wash cycle time can be achieved in less than 30 seconds.