Redesigned Photoelectric Sensors Facilitate Sensor Installation, Adjustment and Operation

March 4, 2009

Baumer has redesigned its line of Series 14 photoelectric sensors with a number of improvements that facilitate sensor installation, adjustment and operation. The redesigned sensors now feature transparent rear housings and improved electrical connections including metal M8 connectors, molded M12 connectors and a cable channel for restricted space applications.

Baumer Series 14 Sensors are designed to detect the presence, placement/orientation or size of an object. These photoelectric sensors rely upon either LED or laser light sources and are available with three methods of operation: thru-beam (emitter and receiver), retro-reflective (emitter and reflector) and diffuse (single sensing unit with background suppression, foreground suppression or intensity difference).

All Series 14 Sensors now feature a transparent rear housing that allows operating and reception LEDs to be viewed from practically any angle, simplifying installation and operation. Two connector styles are now available: a molded M12 (S14) connector and a metal four-pin M8 connector (S35A) that provides improved resilience and increased torque values. 

The redesign of Baumer Series 14 Sensors also includes a channel that allows the cable to lay flush against the sensor housing for limited space installations. This channel requires no additional depth like a plug-in connector and can face backward or upward depending upon installation requirements. A range of accessories and fasteners are compatible with the redesigned sensor family.