Shaft Sealing Product Line Expaned To Include Water Seals

Feb. 26, 2009

Inpro/Seal announces the availability of its Water Mizer Shaft Seal.   With the addition of the Water Mizer, Inpro/Seal is now offers a number of shaft sealing systems for use in applications where wet or dry particulates, powders and slurries are handled, processed, packaged and stored.

Lip and face seals work on a contact basis and are subject to excess wear on the sealing surfaces as they make contact. Fibrous packings were also subject to wear and short lifetimes from run out where packing in the stuffing boxes compress and create a leak path.  Packing can soften to the point where powder or slurries can leak to the outside, causing environmental problems. Some seals could be renewed by tightening, this was but a “short-term” fix.

The Water Mizer has all of the features of the Air Mizer with one main difference – water is used to attain the seal.  It’s design includes a ½” waterline connection that attaches to a regulator to control the water pressure.  A drain is located on the backside. 

The shaft “floats” on a water barrier directly on the shaft, which provides unlimited axial movement without placing any stress or strain on the product.  Without any moving parts, the seal attains zero contact, zero wear and zero frictional drag.  In March 2008, the Water Mizer was installed on the agitator.  According to Medinger, since then the agitator that broke down on a regular basis has yet to fail under harsh 24/7 operating conditions.

All products work with shaft diameters of 1" – 36" and accept severe radial and angular shaft run out up to 1/2".  Once installed, problems associated with shaft deflection, run-out axial displacement and misalignment that cause other sealing methods to fail, become a thing of the past.

End users will be able to boost equipment reliability, reduce costs, extend sealing efficiencies and increase bottom line results, without equipment modifications. Additional benefits include: a reduction in lost product, the virtual elimination of unscheduled downtime and the ability to meet regulatory requirements.  Plus, there is now the availability of air or water as the purge.   Same day shipping is available.