Gaskets Boost Pressure with CPVC Flange Kits

Feb. 19, 2009

Stress Saver XP gaskets  from Garlock Sealing Technologies allow pump, valve and other connections made with The Lubrizol Corporation’s new Corzan High-Pressure Flange Kit to withstand the same pressure as the Corzan CPVC piping systems in which they are installed. As a result, these flanged joints are no longer limited to the 150 psi rating of typical CPVC flanges.

Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Garlock’s Stress Saver XP gaskets are the first to be tested and qualified for inclusion in the FGG/BM/CZ System Compatible Program, confirming their chemical compatibility with Lubrizol’s Corzan CPVC. The gaskets feature raised, molded-in rings that seal with 75% less surface contact and lower seating stress than expanded or specialty PTFE gaskets, making them ideal for non-metallic flanges. The Corzan High-Pressure Flange Kit also includes installation hardware and a specially designed backing ring which allows more torque on the bolts without damaging the CPVC flange. The assembled flanged systems meet the pressure bearing requirements of ASTM F1970.