Koch Membrane Systems Announces Super-Cor And Super-G Tubular Membranes For Juice Clarification

Jan. 8, 2009

Koch Membrane Systems has released its new SUPER-COR XL, SUPER-COR XL PLUS and the SUPER-G PLUS line of high performance filtration modules designed for more compact and efficient juice clarification systems. 

By utilizing the advanced SUPER-COR XL, SUPER-COR XL PLUS and SUPER-G PLUS modules, customers are now able to recover up to 99% of their juice with crystal clarity. Standard SUPER-COR and SUPER-G membranes are currently used to process more than 75% of the apple juice manufactured in the United States as well as a major portion of worldwide production.
The new XL series in the SUPER-COR product line features 12-foot (3.66 meters) tubes and is a 20% increase over the standard 10-foot (3.0 meters) length.  The new PLUS series available in both the SUPER-COR and SUPER-G product lines features modules containing more tubes per housing.  The SUPER-COR XL PLUS features 37 half-inch (12.7 mm) diameter tubes versus 19 in the standard product, and the SUPER-G PLUS has 9 one-inch diameter tubes versus only four in the standard module. 

The larger SUPER-COR XL PLUS modules provide a 133% increase in membrane area over the standard product line. The larger SUPER-G PLUS modules have a 122% increase in membrane area.   SUPER-COR XL, SUPER-COR XL PLUS and SUPER-G PLUS modules are now available in all current KMS microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes.