Moisture/Solids Analyzer Receives an Upgrade

Nov. 17, 2008

Arizona Instrument announced the release of the newest addition to its line of moisture and solids analyzers, the Computrac MAX 4000.

According to Arizona Instrument, the Computrac MAX 4000 has a more user friendly interface than its predecssor, the MAX 2000, as well as a slew of additional features including:  

  • A full color screen that displays separate graphs for rate of moisture evolution and total moisture evolution
  • A full 10 digit alpha-numeric keypad for entering sample information
  • Faster throughput via a forced air cooling system that allows the instrument to cool from test temperature to idle temperature 25% faster than previous models
  • A Temperature Ramp Rate Control option which allows the user to control the rate at which the instrument heats from idle to test temperature.

There are also a number of new options for test ending criteria which offer the user greater flexibility and control:

  • A web server option that allows test results to be downloaded, and test parameters to be uploaded via a local intranet
  • Using a USB port, test results can also be captured directly from an instrument using an external flash memory device. The USB port can also interface directly with a barcode reader, a printer, or a nitrogen control module.
  • The Parameter Expert option of the MAX® 4000 assists the end user in the development of repeatable, sample specific test parameters.