Compact dryer improves sanitation and enhances the shelf life of fresh-cut produce

June 11, 2008

Key Technology introduces the redesigned compact dryer for removing moisture and enhancing the shelf life of fresh-cut produce. Handling up to 600 pounds (280 kilograms) of product per hour, the compact dryer features new electronics and several new components to ease operation, enhance sanitation and improve reliability, while still maximizing production flexibility and product quality.

With its small footprint and adjustable settings, the compact dryer is ideal for small to medium volume fresh-cut processors that produce a wide variety of products. Featuring fully adjustable spin speeds, cycle times and preprogrammed settings that can be quickly retrieved for fast product changeovers, the compact dryer offers optimal water removal for each type of product.

The compact dryer is low to the ground, which minimizes lifting to ease loading and unloading while maximizing cycle times. Fast and dependable electronic braking maximizes production throughput and reduces maintenance.

To discourage bacteria growth and enhance sanitation, Key eliminated sharp corners and recessed areas that can trap product and liquid. Designed to withstand harsh, hot-water washdowns, the stainless steel dryer is easy to sanitize inside and out. Instead of a traditional mechanical lock, the redesigned dryer features a magnetic lock with a smooth profile that improves sanitation and offers a safety advantage.

With a footprint only 23 inches (575 millimeters) wide and 38 inches (975 millimeters) deep, the 30-inch (770-millimeters) high compact dryer fits easily into most plant environments. With no bolts holding it to the floor, it can be easily relocated. The water can either drain out the bottom directly onto the floor or a flexible hose can be fitted to the bottom to carry the water away.

The redesigned compact dryer features a new 11.8-gallon (45-liter) basket. Replacing the previous orange basket with blue allows it be easily identified as a non-food item. Each compact dryer comes with three baskets so two can be filled and/or emptied while the third is in the dryer.