Integrated ozone contacting systems features feed-forward controls

Jan. 21, 2008

Pacific Ozone has announced the release of a ozone dosing system for bottled water filling applications.  The Company’s IOCS Series of integrated ozone contacting systems has been transformed by the addition of feed-forward control. The advanced integrated system provides unprecedented control and precision of ozone dosing that is also very easy to use.

Pacific Ozone’s IOCS line of integrated ozone contacting systems incorporate all four critical elements of ozone — feed gas preparation, ozone generation, mass transfer and complete process control — in a single stainless steel-clad skid. The addition of advanced feed-forward control integrates state-of-the-art ozone generation and mass transfer with an array of sensors, monitors, and controls using sophisticated PLC-based process control. The control architecture provides continuous, stable ozone concentration that is readily controlled and monitored through an easy-to-use touch screen display.