Victrex plc

Nov. 6, 2007
Polymer film provides flexibility, performance

Victrex opened the world's first high-volume film production facility solely dedicated to the production of Victrex Peek film. Victrex announced that it is manufacturing and distributing Victrex Peek polymer in a film format under the brand name Aptiv film.

The new film grades can be manufactured up to 1.5 metres wide – the widest Peek film in the market today – and at thicknesses ranging from 6 to 750 microns, delivering an unrivalled level of design flexibility and high performance.

Aptiv films will be produced at a newly-constructed film extrusion plant co-located at Victrex’s manufacturing headquarters in Thornton Cleveleys in Lancashire, UK, one of the most technologically advanced facilities for the production of high-performance polymers. This state-of-the-art facility is the world’s first high-volume film production facility dedicated to producing Victrex Peek film.