Wire Belt Company of America

Sept. 6, 2007
Conveyor belt system ideal for frying, baking

The USDA-accepted CompactGrid conveyor belt is Wire Belt’s latest product for the metal conveyor belt industry. CompactGrid is engineered specifically to handle smaller, delicate products, while providing an open-mesh belt design that can outperform many competitive offerings.

CompactGrid's durable, yet light-weight, framework offers strength under loads. Installation on your conveying system is said to be quick and easy and allows users to join or splice the belt on your conveyor by simply hooking the belt ends together and crimping to close.

The company says the product is ideal for cooking operations such as conveyorized fryers or ovens. Engineered with 70% open surface area, CompactGrid provides performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors.