Domnick Hunter

Sept. 6, 2007
Nitrogen gas generators help reduce costs

During the past decade, the world has seen a shift in supply options for nitrogen gas. With new technology, many companies are reducing their cost for nitrogen gas by generating their own supply from compressed air.

Dominick Hunter's pressure wwing adsorption (PSA) method of non-cryogenic nitrogen gas generation is helping companies achieve reduced costs. The process utilizes plant compressed air that is filtered and dried through a desiccant air dryer, then passed through a proprietary carbon molecular sieve (CMS) bed. The CMS preferentially adsorbs the smaller oxygen molecule, while the larger nitrogen molecule is passed through. With a quick re-generation, the bed is able to produce a continuous supply of clean dry nitrogen gas.

Although nitrogen gas generators are used in every industry, the most common use is in food packaging and food processing. Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • snack food packaging
  • edible oil processing/packaging
  • coffee packaging
  • nut packaging
  • grated cheese
  • wine bottling/blanketing
  • controlled atmosphere storage

The main benefits of nitrogen gas Generators are said to be:

  • cost savings
  • no long-term contract
  • no changing of tanks/cylinders
  • no ordering/scheduling nitrogen gas deliveries
  • eliminate safety issues (no high pressure storage)
  • free-up valuable floor space