WeighPack Systems Inc.

June 14, 2007
Bucket conveyor features flexible sizes, height ranges

WeighPack’s new Z Bucket Conveyor is tailored to meet each customer’s requirements, and uses a series of buckets to carry product from floor level to the top of any type of filler or packaging machine.

Flexible bucket sizes from 0 to 2.3 liters (78 fl oz) and an elevating high range from 10 in. to 19 in. make this conveyor suitable for a variety of food and non food applications. Smooth plastic interlocking non-toxic buckets are designed to prevent spillage and contamination of product. Wash-through chains improve cleanliness and increase production rates.

The Z Bucket Conveyor easily integrates with any type of packaging machinery to create a fully automated packaging line.  Standard features include stainless steel construction, elevating speeds of up to 4-in. per second and easy to use controls.