Total Lubricants USA, Inc.

Nov. 14, 2006
Free conversion chart picks lubricants for food processing equipment

Total Lubricants USA, Inc., formerly Keystone Lubricants, offers a slide chart that enables users to match the correct Nevastane H1 food grade lubricant to the specific application. Typical uses include gears and bearings of all types, pressure cookers, chains and conveyors, can-closing machines, wet machinery lube, system cleaning oil, hydraulic systems, air line lubricants and air compressors. Nevastane H1 lubricants are widely used within the food processing and other food related industries.

On the reverse is another slide chart that shows viscosity specification comparisons. It includes the ISO grade, Kinematic viscosity, Saybolt viscosity at various temperatures, SAE grade, along with AGMA lubricant numbers for EP lubricants, synthetic oils and gear lubricant specs.

For your free lubricant Conversion Chart, distributors in your area, or for a product Information sheet, log onto or contact Total Lubricants USA Inc., 800-344-2241, extension 5052 for sales or distributor inquiries, or extension 5058 for technical support. The web site includes a self-training module on lubricant technology.