Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Inc.

Oct. 18, 2006
Weigh belt feeders designed to operate accurately, reliably in harsh environments

Thayer Scale offers a line of low capacity weigh belt feeders designed to operate accurately and reliably in harsh industrial environments with minimal maintenance. The "MXL" Weigh belts are specifically designed to meter a wide variety of hard-to-handle materials, such as potato chips and cotton fiber.

Weighing is done through Thayer's patented low deflection, non-wearing FMSS (Force Measurement Suspension System) flexure scale that measures vertical loading and can take high load directed overloads (1,000%). The FMSS Scale design uses counterweights to negate the tare weight of the weigh idler and the belt and 100% of the scale capacity is used to weigh material.

Thayer's automatic test weight mechanism provides a means for automatically applying a known test weight and going through a calibration sequence on push button demand to check scale calibration. A "foolproof" self-checking software algorithm in the feeder control instrumentation prevents erroneous calibration.

Unique "slack belt" design permits the conveyor to run under slack empty belt conditions, assuring lower belt tensions during operation than any other design. The system's design allows easy "re-rating" of the feeder capacity should material or density change. All changes can be easily accomplished in the field providing unsurpassed flexibility in re-rating the feeder for new or changing requirements.