NuTEC Manufacturing

July 24, 2006
Food former increases production and flexibility

The NuTEC780 Forming Machine can double production capacities, according to the company. With dual knockout and double row mold plate, the NuTEC 780 deposits rows of patties two times per cycle. Up to seven 1/4-lb. patties can be knocked out in each row on this 34” wide model that runs at 65 strokes per minute. That’s the equivalent of a single row mold running at 130 cycles per minute.

Designed for high volume meat processors, the 780 Forming Machine can replace multiple forming machines. This former can portion over 10,000 pounds per hour with no product backflow, overworking or bridging. The completely hydraulic system assures minimal product working and guarantees high quality, consistent shapes for beef, poultry or pork.