Kason Corp.

May 3, 2006
Stringent standards no sweat for batch sifter

A new FDA-, USDA- and cGMP-compliant Batch Sifter from Kason Corporation meets the most stringent food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards, according to Henry Alamzad, president.

The dust-tight sifter has a stainless steel housing, motor and stand, tri-clover inlet and outlet flanges, vertical quick-disconnect clamps and continuously ground and polished welds.

The unit features a gap-free flange arrangement where the screen support ring interlocks with the upper and lower frames of the screener. The design allows the wire mesh of the screen to fully extend to the interior walls of the frame, eliminating the gap between the screen ring and frame wall of conventional screeners where material would otherwise collect.

The unit scalps oversize particles down to 38 microns (400 mesh) from dry bulk powders or solids-laden slurries, and can be disassembled with no tools for rapid sanitizing.

Screens are mounted to support rings using FDA-approved epoxy and sealed using FDA-approved gasket material, and can be provided with a mesh-tolerance certificate. The wire mesh screening material is offered in 304, 316 and “magnetic” 400-series stainless steel that, if broken, can be captured by a downstream magnet.

The sifters are offered in diameters of 18, 24 and 30 in. (450, 610 and 750 mm), and can be equipped with either single or twin imbalanced-weight gyratory motors.

The gyratory motor imparts multi-plane inertial vibration to the spring-mounted screening deck. On-size particles pass rapidly through the screen in a vertical discharge path at higher rates than with circular screeners having centrally-mounted gyratory motors and horizontal discharge paths. Oversize material can be removed manually or with a vacuum.