OBrien & Gere

April 21, 2006
Water treatment system saves money, reduces waste

OBrien & Gere has introduced its ARROW (Advanced Reject Recovery of Water) solution, an advanced membrane-based process for water treatment. ARROW purifies water and wastewater using reverse-osmosis membranes, ultimately reducing reject volume up to 100%. ARROW is applicable to any flow range, and is capable of meeting high-purity water requirements with additional downstream polishing.

The benefits of utilizing ARROW are far-reaching: improved water quality, higher treatment efficiency, reduced disposal costs, and lower operating rates. ARROW equipment is compact, pre-assembled, and skid-mounted, and perfectly suited for the treatment operations of a wide array of industries, including food and beverage. With a proven record of success for a diverse range of clients, ARROW offers a cost-effective way to optimize the purification process while significantly reducing water waste.


  • Purifies water and wastewater using RO membranes
  • Concentrates soluble compounds and contaminants into a smaller reject stream
  • Reduces reject volume by > 95%
  • Overcomes osmotic pressure limitations
  • Can achieve permeate TDS < 25 ppm
  • Can achieve “high purity” grade water with added second pass RO to ARROW permeate
  • Applicable to any flow range
  • Meet high purity water requirements with additional downstream ARROW permeate


  • Take advantage of a simple, proven, patented technology to meet goals
  • Suitable for a wide range of application
  • Not limited by scale or water hardness
  • Capable of very high water recoveries (>95%)
  • Compact, pre-assembled, skid-mounted equipment — fast delivery;
  • Excellent water quality leading to lower operating costs and higher efficiency
  • Reduce disposal costs