Charles Ross & Son Co.

Feb. 22, 2005
Vacuum mixer features paddle agitator design
A special vacuum mixer for slow-speed blending of medium- to high-viscosity materials is now available from Charles Ross & Son Co.The mixer's paddle agitator design is capable of handling batches up to 6 liters, and has a full holding capacity of 9 liters. The unit is designed for variable speed operation with the speed being controlled by means of an AC variable frequency inverter.Also included are the following features:
  • Electric screw jack lift
  • 50 psig jacket for heating or cooling
  • 1” flush type discharge valve
  • 316 ss wetted parts
  • 150 grit sanitary finish to enable easy cleaning
  • ½ hp drive
  • reversible agitator blade
  • 2 – 2” sight and charge ports in cover