Chevron Products Co.

Dec. 12, 2005
New systems monitor fluids and dispense them cleanly
The EyeTank online fluid monitoring system (photo above) is designed to efficiently and reliably maintain bulk lubricants at optimum levels. Through an interactive web portal at, users can maintain an accurate view of lubricant stock levels and schedule replenishment before run-out, eliminating the costs and stress associated with emergency orders. The system can send signals to the company’s order fulfillment systems, validate and track deliveries, detect sudden changes in inventory levels that might be due to oil misuse, and alarm via the Web or by email.The IsoClean fluid ID system includes interchangeable lids, storage containers and accessories to prevent fluid contamination and reduce misapplication. Lids are interchangeable to provide the most suitable choice for any application. Lubricant grades can be color-coded with lids and matching content labels to help ensure the right fluid gets into the right machine, and that only clean fluids are introduced to equipment.