Oct. 20, 2005
Drive inverter features extended functionality, speed range and overload capacity
The Movidrive-B universal motor controller line a new generation of drive inverters with more basic functions, extended lower speed range and increased overload capacity over SEW’s previous design. These new inverters offer performance and control quality levels for AC asynchronous motors previously only possible with servo drives or DC motors. Their integrated control functions and expansion options give the Movidrive-B inverters unprecedented efficiency levels in terms of startup, operation and application.Movidrive-B inverters come in two versions. The standard version includes the integrated IPOSplus positioning and sequence control and can be expanded with all available options. In addition to the standard features, the application version includes Electronic Line Shaft and Electronic Cam features as well as wizards for the easy startup of a wide range of applications such as Turntable Positioning (32 discrete points or position via fieldbus), Flying Knife, Winder Control and more. What’s more, with IPOSplus you can control motion sequences directly in the inverter, right on the plant floor. As a result, load is taken off the master controller, and modular concepts can be implemented more easily.With 8 binary inputs and 6 binary inputs, Movidrive-B offers more connectivity options including a flying restart circuit for synchronizing the inverter to a rotating motor; slip compensation for high static accuracy of speed, even without encoder feedback and extreme tight torque control for winding, tensioning and pressure forming applications.