Tetra Pak Inc.

Oct. 20, 2005
Beverage/dairy homogenizer brings brawn, brains and rugged good looks
Click here for larger version of photo.At next week's Worldwide Food Expo, Tetra Pak will introduce a new homogenizer for beverage and dairy products, the Tetra Alex 350. This machine follows the same proven design concept as the Tetra Alex 400 machine that was introduced a few years ago.The Tetra Alex 350 has a broad capacity range, handling flow rates up to 9000 gph and pressures up to 5800 psi. This machine can be designed to meet your processing needs as either a high pressure pump or a homogenizer. The new Tetra Alex 350 is a 5-piston positive displacement pump using a solid pump block. The machine includes a wet end, containing only the components with product contact, and drive end which are separated by a stainless steel wall. Tetra Alex 350 is equipped with the energy-efficient HD100 homogenization device. This device is designed to offer considerable improvements in homogenization efficiency when compared to a conventional device. It utilizes fully reversible seats and forcers, further improving the unit's operational economy.As processors continue to be pushed to develop more products, the demands on the processing equipment also increase. The Tetra Alex 350, as well as all Tetra Alex homogenizers, is designed to better withstand these needs. For abrasive applications, Tetra Pak can supply alternative materials for our valves, pistons, seals and homogenization device to improve the longevity of the components. The Tetra Alex line of homogenizers offer several different levels of automation to meet the specific needs of your plant.