Honeywell Process Solutions

Dec. 14, 2005
Controller features two control loops for diverse applications
Honeywell recently introduced the UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller, which delivers higher-level functions in the popular one-quarter DIN size while retaining the reliability, cost-effectiveness, simplicity and popular operator interface of Honeywell controllers.The UDC family of controllers addresses a wide range of application requirements. Built on the same platform as the series’ two most recent models (UDC2500 and UDC3200), the latest release monitors and controls temperature, pressure, flow, level and other process variables in a wide range of single loop and cascade control applications.The UDC3500 controller features two loops of cascade/internal control with a typical accuracy of +/- 10 percent. Up to five analog inputs, three analog outputs and configurable math functions enable the UDC3500 controller to be used in both complex process control applications and to control variables such as carbon potential and oxygen in thermal processing applications.Other features include:
  • A durable NEMA 4X/IP66-rated front faceplate that allows the controller to be used in environments where it may be subjected to moisture, dust or hose-down conditions.

  • An infrared communications port with accompanying Instrument Explorer software, enabling fast and secure controller configuration via a Pocket PC, laptop or desktop computer.

  • An Ethernet or RS-485 connection, which enables the device to connect to plant networks and exchange data for monitoring purposes, or for managing processes from other plant locations.

  • Honeywell’s Accutune III automatic tuning algorithm, which employs fuzzy logic to suppress process variable overshoot.

  • Dual vacuum fluorescent displays to provide continuous readout of the process variable and other operator-selected values such as alarm setpoints, configuration settings and tuning values.

  • Multilanguage prompts to support controller configuration in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
“Just like its predecessors, this new controller improves efficiency and production at facilities by providing employees instant access to information about a variety of applications,” said DonnaLee Scaggs, vice president of Honeywell Process Solutions’ Industrial Measurement and Control business. “Honeywell is especially pleased to offer this capability to our customers at an affordable price.”